Remove stab feints

  • I think this would really balance the game out a bit more. In my opinion, stab feints are the hardest ones to read, thus not balanced at all. Late feints from a weapon like the Sword of War, Longsword or Messer or any 2H sword for that matter are near impossible to read in the middle of a fight. There are other ways stabs can be used in a more balanced way: you can easily get around a block mid-release to get a hit by simply turning during the attack. You can also jump over a block and stab downwards as well. You can also control exactly where you aim so that you don’t hit a teammate, therefore you do not actually have to cancel/feint the attack. Every other feint should be kept exactly as it is, because I think those are a lot more balanced. On the other hand, stab feints (especially from 2H swords) have far too much of a huge window before they can cancel the attack therefore making it more guesswork than skill. I am open to any other thoughts on this.

  • @Luc0z:

    stab feints are the hardest ones to read, thus not balanced at all.

    A couple of sentences in to remind me why I don’t bother keeping up to date with these forums any more.

  • What does this have to do with Mods or the SDK?

  • How is it more of guess work than skill? If you can call a stab feint, does that not take more skill? Only feints I consecutively have troubles with are HW feints and dagger feints. Other than the feint those four weapons possess, they’re all really easy to call if you aren’t constantly panicking. This is the kind of whining that got us the removal of FTP and the new easy button (Recovery parry).

    You really don’t even have to know how to call feints. Just be aggressive and stay on your target. Being passive is what gets you killed, not your ability to read feints.

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