Samurai - Draw slashes

  • This is a feature available for certain weapons in the Samurai’s arsenal, like: Katana, Nodachi and Wakizashi. For you Deadliest Warrior testers who doesn’t know, this Draw slash can be triggered by equipping either one of these weapons. Katana will result in a vertical slash, Nodachi will do a horizontal slash whilst Wakizashi for a strange reason will perform a vertical slash like Katana, but it will not strike. This is probably because its either not inteded for the Wakizashi to have the draw slash, only that it shares the same animation as the other two-handed swords of Samurai, or that it is just simply missing its swing-trace in the attack.

    There is a couple of interesting moves you can perform with the Draw slash, there is actually a way to ‘feint’ it by simply feinting as you would a normal attack, though it will cost stamina.

    And there is a bug associated with not being flinched during weapon swap that can be used along with the Draw slash to make a ‘Unflinchable’ move. NOT being flinched during weapon swap is a move a lot of competive archers have been abusing for so long, I believe it has been a quite while since we all reported it in, once that is solved, this unflinchable attack with draw slash will be gone.

    Draw slashes actually has a windup, release and recovery timer like every other weapons, so by that it means it can actually be flinched if the attack is timed properly.

  • You can’t be flinched out of it during the unequip of your previous weapon, but you can be flinched out of it during the equip/windup of the katana.

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