Things that should be there/changed on launch

  • 1. 100 FoV on by DEFAULT. Giving players good settings on default is one step towards upping the skill of the playerbase instead of leaving new players playing with horrible settings when they start out.

    2. Third person off by default. Unless marketed differently, this should be a pure 1st person combat game with optional server commands to turn third person on for testing purposes. This will also prevent corner cases of “I like third person too much to play comp chivalry”.

    3. Remove/shrink bubble + slowdown on alternate swings and also create the best player animations as possible to communicate with the player visually. Maps looking pretty doesn’t have as much affect as animations looking visually cohesive. I feel most of the effort for visuals should go into animations, because that’s what the game is.

    4. To follow up on the above point, create a mandatory tutorial explaining blocking, different swings, displaying tracers + sweetspot mechanic, and blocking swings when facehug range. Giving the players more information = people being more skilled = people having more fun being efficient. It also shows the depth of chivalry and gives things people to think about.

    Another thing that would be nice is little milestone achievements for blocking x number of times or hitting x number of shots with a weapon. It gives players incentive to do things beneficial to improving their game in a more natural way: by making numbers go up.

    5. Default maps that are fast paced and fun, but we have a topic on that already.

    I feel having good default settings, a great tutorial, and great looking player animations will go a long way in making this game last a long time (also exposing new players to fast paced maps too).

    Feel free to add suggestions!

  • 110 FOV?

  • I picked 100 because it’s very easy to get used to but 110 probably would be good too. Anything to avoid the ridiculous 75 default FoV.

  • I agree with all of these things (and strongly so), with the exception of disabling third person.

    I actually spent my first couple hundred hours in chiv in third person, because it was the closest to my experience with the game “Jedi Outcast” (which I played for years). Also it would bother a whole lot of people with inconsistency between live and DW, especially with both games being launched from the same browser (I think.)

    I’d also just like to see a balance between alt attacks and normal attacks. I don’t think one direction should be frontloaded and therefor functionally faster than it’s opposite direction counterpart. As it stands, some alts are faster, some are slower.

    But please polish off the attack animations as much as possible (I’m sorry we’re overworking you, TB Animator Guy). And yes, give people the ability to succeed through higher fov and some encouragement through tutorials and achievements.

  • Rich is working on adjusting the speed of alt swing releases so the tracers line up properly. Animations are also being polished for higher FoV (targeting first person perfection at 105, essentially) so you’ll see none of that clipping through arms stuff you see in Chivalry - though you might still see some at 120. Not sure about increasing the default FoV.

  • Will you be putting a hard cap on fov as well? Nothing more than 120 or 130 for example?

  • I agree with all points. I had suggested an advanced tutorial for Medieval Warfare awhile back, and while that’s not going to happen now, having one for DW will go a long way towards having new players being less frustrated.

    Explain how feints, drags, parrying, and all the new mechanics work up front, so that when they encounter a player using them, they don’t get upset and not play again. It didn’t prevent me from continuing to play, because I just ask/learn what killed me and figure out how to use it and counter it, but the friends I have that purchased the game just didn’t have the patience for things that they thought were unfair because they didn’t understand them.

    Another thing that you could do before release, is have some players that are testing/well known in the community make some updated tutorial videos like Shara’s/H E X E N’s and link them somewhere visible IN GAME. Not everyone goes to forums or reddit to look up techniques, and having it accessible from inside the game will draw more attention to it from newer players.

    The increased FOV is also something that should be done. If it’s not set higher by default, at LEAST explain the advantages/disadvantages in the tutorial and how to change it. This will help players understand where they’re getting hit when attacks come from the sides.

  • In a world of spoonfeeding information we have to spoonfeed the right information to set new players on their way so they won’t get frustrated.

    Handholding, chivalry style.

  • Precisely.

    Of course there are always those people who skip the tutorial and then complain that they don’t understand the game.

    Maybe doing the tutorial should give you a recruit helmet. Like the ghastly gibus in TF2 which is the first hat any player gets.

  • Some reward would be alright. Not sure I’d want this to turn into hat simulator 2 though. Its unfortunate that we have to hold their hands, but if making it easier in the beginning helps retain users in the long run, it’ll be better overall for the game and possibly can keep TBS from nerfing their game.

  • I agree except with

    A mandatory tut would make a lot of brand new players alt f4 out in the first minute and never play again.

    We already have a blocking achievement btw. More achievements the better.

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