Possible copyright infringement?

  • Hi, the other day i was looking for some fun games for my new cellphone, and downloaded a game called “Empire Defence”.

    I was surprised to see when i saw that the main menu from that game features artwork from the Chivalry main menu!


    I dunno what restrictions you’ve put on your art-assets, but I thought you guys would like to know about this. They are making money off your hard work…

    Here’s their contact info:


  • Wow. That sucks. At first glance before reading I was like “Is this an AoC mod?”

  • Developer

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will be contacting them but not too sure what will come of it. The most ironic thing about this situation is that their company name is “goodteamstudio”…

  • They’re a good team at using other people’s work without permission. :) Unless you guys didn’t copyright or any of that legal stuff, which you’d still win that argument.

  • well generally, any and all artworks (film, music, games, actual art etc) are automatically copyright under most laws, including Australia’s, and I would assume American law too.

    Plus, it’s obvious that Team Chivalry would have $#!+ loads of witnesses from their fans should they decide to take action.

    My advice though, contact them, caution them, leave them be unless they go any further(such as copy Chivalry). But you guys are selling Chivalry, and you probably don’t want yourself getting bogged down with some lawsuit, when you could be making lots of money from Chivalry.

  • In China, copyright is translated as “Right to copy” :P.

  • What ever happened with this, by the way?

  • I smell international lawsuit, fn go after them it is quite obvious but then again I forget the amount of change you have to do to not fall under the copyright laws, something like 35%. I cannot remember.

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