Need unlockables body not helmets!

  • I was thinking you guys need to start adding unlockable bodies instead of helmets.

    Such as for mason MAA, you could unlock the AoC model that the MAA had on the mason team, and still choose what helmet you want.

  • I was just talking about this with someone in-game yesterday. I’ve even created a thread about this in the past but it didn’t get a lot of attention.

    But yes, we definitely need more unlockables. New armor and stuff. As much as I dislike Call of Duty and don’t like using it as an example, that game had something to strive for each match. You had camos and attachments. Even if it was something simple as get an X amount of kills, you still had something to keep you busy instead of just mindlessly killing everyone.

    Of course in the case of Chivalry these unlockables wouldn’t - and shouldn’t - buff up the player. They would be purely for looks. But that’s good enough.

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