Going to ramp up the awareness?

  • Several forums I am posting about this on an in effort to bolster the amount of players, I get many responses “Oh, that’s not coming out for a long time, right?”

    Seems alot of players, even hardcore Veterans have no idea it’s releasing this month. I was just in AoC and they thought “Sometime 2013, right?” And this was from a clan, with the only active server.

    Word of mouth can only go so far, as do YouTube videos. Really need to spread the word!

  • Agree, also ahh its another M & B

  • I do think it needs to get out there more. I think this is a gem of a game and more will enjoy it. I for one only came here by chance as i was looking at WOTR.

    I never played WOTR and thought what else is out there like this game and came across this.

    Ive posted on my community site and ill keep bumping it up a bit


    there upto 50k memebrs now…maybe it’ll get more appeal

  • I think the devs are looking into advertising soon…

  • We have an advertising push coming soon, but please, do tell all your friends, forums, dogs. etc…

    Word of mouth is powerful. Let us worry about the non-free advertising :)

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