An adventure mode would be sweet!

  • So i was thinking how cool it would be to have an mmorpg that doesn’t involve grinding for hours, or trying to purchase the best skills and upgrade your attributes, but rather a complete skill based one as in you can only be as good as you can, so practice and hardwork pays off rather than buying an amazing skill that destroys everyone.

    It would be an rpg that isnt about skills and attributes but more about how good you are at fighting
    And the more people you kill without dying the higher your rank gets, but it gets reset when you die
    So you might become king from surving for so long
    or a royal
    and theres a royal
    family and one person is the king
    And you can try betray the royal family but because of how good they wouldve been to become a royal it would require multiple average assasins
    And so royals have to be protected by someone ranked as the royal protector
    But you can have the choice once you reach a rank to become a royal protector
    or a rogue soldier
    or just continue being a soldier
    And you can start your own clans and create castles
    And you have to gather resources to expand your castle
    which means attacking other clans for their goods
    and a defeated clan member can choose death or to join the clan
    so you lose your rank or betray your clan.
    And there are also large wars with ai opponents like orcs that attack your castle, and if you dont have the manpower or enough skilled fighters then your clan dies.

    These are about as far as i got with coming up with ideas, but I’d love to hear what other people would think about a mode like this. i understand the amount of effort for this would be absolutely insane but im just putting the idea out there.

  • Sounds like you want

  • Or more arcadey like Rune Classic

  • Whilest both of those might be sweet i enjoy the chivalry engine and movements alot more

  • Anyone who was looking for this sort of game, Mount n Blade: Warband is it ^_^

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