Thoughts on DW, off the top of my head.

  • First as most of you know i prefer archer over every class and i have put in about 700-800 hours as archer. The first thing i noticed when i played DW for the first time was the lack of archery…. Most of you were probably cheering, as most claim archers “ruin” the game. I was very disappointed and couldn’t believe that there were the options of a crossbow, 8 shot longbow, or a gun. This is basically the main problem i have with DW atm. I’m not going to discuss major bugs as most of them have either been listed or the devs know about them already. The second thing that struck me as a concern was the length that the ninja class can roll. To me it doesn’t seem to do anything for the ninja and its kinda awkward right now. ummm, Spartans should get 2 throw able spears, vikings should either be faster or more health, and pirate guns should 1 shot knights to head (since a heavy Xbow can).

    This was just a quick post about some things i noticed. Also just opinions!!! Thanks

  • Spartan gets 4 throwables if you select Javelin (I think it may have been renamed since I last played it).

  • If archer was a class in DW they would always win.

  • I can’t say I would support archer buffs. But additional ranged utility (as long as it’s counterable) could be interesting.

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