[Bug] Minor bug with bows

  • Normally when you shoot an arrow you click left mouse and you can either hold it or just click once. If you hold it the arrow stays “ready” for a while and you shoot when you release the button or after some time you just stop holding it.

    If you just press the attack button the arrow will be prepared and it will be shot immediately after it is ready. Sometimes when pressing the attack button only once without holding it the arrow stays ready in the bow until you press the attack button again. It doesn’t look like it happens under any concrete circumstances, it just happens randomly.

  • Ah yeah I know this issue, if you press Attack1 during the bow reload, it will ‘queue’ and hold an arrow in place without needing to hold down the Attack1 key. It’s not intentional.

    Thanks for reporting the bug.

  • Another minor bug with the archer is that when you just shoot a bow and you are running backwards (pressing the sprint key) if you hit 2 to change to your weapon it doesn’t change, you have to stop and then change. It happened to me several times where I shoot someone approaching me and when trying to “escape” going backwards I try to change to my secondary weapon and it doesn’t work

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