Sound and music feedback

  • The sounds of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare helped create a great atmosphere in the game that we all fell in love with. We should take the time to provide lots of feedback on voices, music, and all other effects for Sir Loin so Deadliest Warrior can meet the expectations set by MW.


    Main Menu Music

    The main menu music is currently the exact same song from C:MW. No complaints or comments

    In Game Music

    I have heard two songs play randomly while in game. Both seem to be based off of the original Chivalry theme and I have no issues with this although some new scores for each class would be welcome.

    Of the two new songs I have heard so far, one seems like it could use improvement while the other I really like. I will listen to them again tonight and edit my post with details.

    Sound Effects

    I will only include some sparse notes on sound effects because I think most things sound fine.

    Hitting and dismembering opponents still provides very satisfying sounds.

    The shield throw on Vikings sounds hilarious and I can only assume those bucklers are filled with bees. Is the current sound effect a bug or intended?

    The sound effects for pistols and blunderbusts are rather iffy in my opinion. The firing and reloading sounds seem a bit out of place to me but I have no idea how those weapons sound in real life.

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD OVERHAUL THE VIKING CHAIN MAIL SOUND EFFECTS. It sounds like I am running around with bags filled with coins and potato chips or something. I can’t play Viking for longer than 10 minutes because the sound is so loud and annoying when sprinting.

    Voice Acting


    I really hope the Viking does not sound like a gurgling, incoherent brute like he does in the teaser video. I think a clear, accented voice like some of the voice over in Skyrim would be great.


    I’m not sure what I expect with the Samurai yet. After being spoiled with Shogun 2’s great voice over work it’s hard to say what would feel good in DW. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


    I am not impressed at all with the current voicing for the Spartan. He has no personality and no memorable lines. It sounds like the words were just pushed from his throat without any care. Please overhaul the Spartan’s voice acting.


    I think everyone loves the ninja’s so far. No further comments.


    Everyone already loves the Knight but it would be a good opportunity to add in any lines you might have thought up since C:MW has released :)


    The pirate is ok I guess. He doesn’t really stand out in any particular way other than sounding like a stereotypical pirate. I think you could improve the character and lines a lot if you changed the direction you are taking with them. Perhaps consider some of the characters from Pirates of the Caribbean for inspiration?


    Thank you for reading so far. These are just my impressions and reactions from a few dozen hours of play. I cannot offer anything more in depth right now but I will make an effort to give more specific reasoning and examples as the beta goes on.

  • Developer

    Thanks for your your feedback good doctor! I’ll try to answer your questions! I should note that sound is essentially post production so it starts to exponentially come together better towards the end.

    I did a 20 song soundtrack. 1 Main theme for each faction on load in. 2 x 2 min remaining songs for each faction. Thats 18. One new song for credits and one rework of the old main theme. The last two aren’t in yet and the others should be working. I need to mess around with the jukebox on to see how thats working yet. Old chiv songs shouldn’t be playing and that would be a bug.

    Throwables have not been worked in yet except for the dory.

    I quite like the guns, the reloads, well I sounded the animations moreso than what it really sounds like. Anyhow when I’ve gotten through all the weapons/maps/characters, etc, I will polish pass everything and see what I can do, For now I’m doing the best I can while making sure I get to everything!

    Viking VO lol - we didnt record an actor and there was alot of shouting and breathing in that video. They will be warrior poets with a sense of humor i hope.

    The bag of coins is real chainmail recorded in my studio. It IS too loud.

    VO is final when you get it. Historical considerations were made and many lines are from ancient writings.

    Thanks again for the feedback! Samurai will be mostly in next build, hope you like it!

  • I had a feeling that was the real chain mail sound. I’m just warning you now even if it’s quieter I’m not sure I can listen to that sound effect for hundreds of hours >.< I’m not sure how medieval warriors did it…

    I’m on the fence about the gun sounds. I can certainly live with them as they are now but I feel like they could be improved in some way…

    Your description of the Vikings pleases me ;)

    I can completely understand the notion that the voice acting won’t be changing. I know it’s a lot of work but I feel strongly some of the classes’ voiceovers will not be received well like they are now. I hope it will be worth considering if more people chime in with their thoughts.

  • I think the spartan could be better, but that the sounds and voice work in general are superb.

  • The Spartan feels a bit flimsy yeah but did anyone notice the retreat voice command makes him say anything but retreat? Nice touch very nice.

  • I’ve heard the first pass of the samurai VO and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Looking forward to viking myself, most wanted after ninja which turned out amazing IMO (Ninja was voiced by Sir Loin himself, so it was a given that it’d be fantastic) :P

  • If you need help with sound effects of armour or weapons I can help. My re-enactment group has a room full of real weapons and armour and I am a trained sound technician so I should be able to record good quality.

    With the chainmail did you record someone wearing it and moving around or just jiggling it around? It wil sound different if you put it on properly with a gambeson (padded coat) underneath and with a belt around the waist to take up the slack.

  • Just tested Samurai. His voices are pretty damn cool, although some are missing from this current build? - (Taunt/Respect… probably some others)

    HIS COMBO exertion sounds are really, really, really… really… reallly good. Honestly, the first time I heard it I was amazed. I recommend everyone load their nearest tut-training and combo the first static AI you see!

    Great job. Also, new customizations are sexy lol

  • @sir_loin:
    Sir Loin! The guns are too loud!

    And I want to see you in game hacking and slashing with us more =p It’s different when there’s only one guy running around, but you need to experience 8 ninjas crouching around and shushing each other to properly gauge the epicosity of voice overs.

  • On the topic of music:
    I heard the WHAT WILL WE DO WITH THE DRUNKEN SAILOR song on the pirate map! I laughed! That was awesome!

    On the topic of the viking:
    I am fucking stoked to finally hear the viking! A poetic warrior with a sense of humour sounds awesome! I would not want him to just be a gurgling brute, that wouldn’t be true.

    On the topic of the spartan:
    He has indeed the most uninteresting lines with little personality. The only thing I did like, like Splendid mentioned, is that whenever you try to yell “Retreat” he says anything but retreat. It’s a nice touch and true to the spartan.

    On the topic of chainmail noise:
    Well, it does make a dingly noise. It doesn’t annoy me, but apparently it annoys everyone else. I know chainmail can be quieter than that, though. But I don’t mind it :)

    Now I guess I just have to go and listen to the samurai voice acting.

  • Developer

    Thanks again fellas.

    I’ll try taking the guns down a notch, I do want them somewhat loud though, for shock and awe.

    I knew the Spartan going into it would be the toughest to write for. THey were not much for words. He does have some gems tho, and last weeks playtest we rolled samurais as spartans and the group shouting and laughing sounded pretty epic to me.

    One more session with samurai today, we filling in the gaps and capturing Japanese. Glad some have liked him, Once he got mostly in the game I found I quite liked the mix/variety of voices. I still need to adjust volume of some lines/characters and weed some bad lines out.

  • I love that the guns are really loud!

    Oh, and I love that the samurai can’t say “L” sometimes! :D

  • Keep up the good work, sir. The sounds/music/vocals are a great part of both these games.

  • spartans have the best laugh in the game, but their other lines are kind of eh

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