Still seeing tons of desyncs

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  • Maybe you could be a little bit more detailed?

    What I saw in 2hrs gameplay with new patch:

    • two ghost attacks
      I was the attacker in both situations. Good players didn’t parry the attacks at all and told me afterwards they didn’t see any animation. Each was the second or third attack of a combo with longsword, I think both were stabs. I saw the attacks just fine.

    • multiple phantom attacks
      Those happen mostly when the enemy actually parries. You attack them and they start a really quick attack that doesn’t hurt you and immediately goes into a parry. I am sure that is not windup - feint - parry what I see, those attacks are really fast and definitely go into release without making damage.

    • maul animations on combo
      Those are still really bad. Overhead - slash looks really weird sometimes. The guys holds the maul still for 0.5-1.5 seconds behind his back and whoooosh it accelerates to lightspeed. That is just a bad animation in my opinion. But there is also a bug with longer combos. I think it can be reproduced with oh - slash - oh. The last OH does hit when the maul is still above the enemies head like 0.2 seconds before it should.

    Everything happened with decent pings <70ms on a 20 slot server.

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