So, now the game crahes after a short while.

  • so i bought the game few months ago. had to go on low settings on most things to get a decent 40+ fps
    then came the oh shiny new colors patch, fps got slightly better for 3-4 days then i could no longer play w/o all settings low/off and then i had to start using config tweaks to get a decent framerate, not on citadel tho. then after yesterdays patch, got slightly better fps could start playing again w/o tweaked config files, but now my computer crashes after a while, last night i could play for 1h or so, this morning it’s crashes after 5-10min.

    so so what can i do ?
    espec. about the crashes, but i’d love to be able to get a decent framerate w/o it looking like quake 2 had Superior gfx.

    win 7 64bit. sp1.
    AMD FX™ 6100 - sixcore 3.3 ghz
    dual Radeon hd 7770 2gb gddr3 cards. (one on 2.0 x16, one on 2.0 x4, but it’s better then just the one card afaik.)
    16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram.
    SSD drive for OS and game/s.

    i feel, while i do not have a monster rigg, i should be able to run this game w/o any problems.

  • Hello. Firstly if your computer can play at 40+ FPS then it shouldn’t be dropping down low.

    Few things to try:

    Do you have AMD cool & quiet functionality? If so turn it off!
    Obviously have you upgraded to the lastest drivers?
    To check it’s not something screwwed up in the configs, you could delete the configs folder and revirfy the game cache (which would download a clean copy of the configs)
    Looking in Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini and set MinCompressedDurationGame to 3

    Also there are various performance tweaks Here

    You mentioned crashes do you have a log or these or more details?

    also… you could stop playing on large servers :P

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