DLC purchase help URGENT

  • First off, I apologize for posting here, I’m not entirely sure where I should post this. Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s get to my problem.
    While I was away my younger brother made a purchase for Chivalry - Deadliest Warrior DLC, there was a typo in the email he put down and instead of writing 'marnieandco@gmail.com’, he wrote, 'marnie.co@gmail.com’.
    I have already tried contacting the email marnie.co@gmail.com, but have failed, as this email account does not yet exist. I think this bug should also be fixed, making sure the system knows if the email is valid or not before it allows you to make a purchase. So what I am saying is my key-code has been sent to an non-existent email, this is a huge problem. I would like to know how I can prove I am the rightful owner of the key and how I can then obtain it. This would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if i need to move this post to somewhere else, please direct me there. :) Thankyou

  • Well if its a real email address you’re fucked your brother just bought the game for some other random. If t isn’t a real account then you might be lucky.

    But you will have to take it up with humble. Torn banner uses the humble widget. So you will have to contact them.

  • Thankyou Friend! :D

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