FPS lag on nice computer

  • Hello!

    Ever since I UPGRADED my old computer my new computer has been having nothing but problems running this game. I have 60 fps for about 20 seconds then about 20 seconds of 12-29 FPS. Posted two pictures. Really enjoyed playing this game on my old computer but now I just cant play it.

    Computer Specs:

    AMD Eight-core 4.0 GHz


    16gb DDr3 1866 mhz

  • Do you have that AMD cool and quiet malarky turned on?

  • The last two patches gave me a nice fps drop.
    After the first, I got to fix it with the help of this community and now… Now I guess I’ll have to make the game look like a playstation 1 game to play with normal fps… -.- seriously, something is wrong…

  • Turn off motion blur, Vertical sync and depth of field. Depth of field an motion blur look horrible in all games anyway.

    Dynamic shadows are also another thing you can turn off temporarily.

    Though something is wrong.

  • Assuming the 8 core @ 4ghz is the 8350? Or could it be a Bulldozer CPU? Something I’ve heard around is that on some games these CPUs tend to mess up, and that a bios update had been made to remedy these issues. Not exactly sure of specifics though.

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