I can't join servers

  • I had an issue earlier where the patch didn’t automatically download which meant the server browser would not load any servers. So i restart the game and the patch downloaded. I was still having trouble finding servers so i cleared the filters. For some reason after clearing the filters i could then find the severs i was looking for. I am looking for servers with <100 ping and not empty. For some reason i cant find them when i filter out empty and >100 ping :? But when i find a suitable server and try to open it, it just stays on “please wait while the game loads” forever. And despite my ping being fine it takes a few minutes for them to come up.

    I believe this is because the patch did not download properly, even though my computer and steam seem convinced it has. I really dont want to have to reinstall!

  • An easy to way to check if your game installed properly is to right click on it in Steam, hit properties > Local files > Validate local game files.

  • fackn servers down again?

  • They seem to be down, It’s a shame no posts about server connectivity exsit :)

  • I cant see anything either.

  • fackn hilarious… this game used to be fun now its dying out. devs gave up on it.

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