Amandakayne - Help me please

    1. What the issue is. (be as descriptive as possible)

    no matter what i try to do i get UDK.exe error i did start it as an administrator worked first not anymore and i want this game to work smooth and you guys should work on it to fix it so players that buy it don’t have to spend the whole day fixing something that SHOULD be working since the BOUGHT IT

    1. Attach your DxDiag.txt file (In Windows, press Start, type DxDiag in the search bar and open up the program it shows. Click run then save results as .txt file and add it to your thread.)


    1. Attach your Launch.Log file (To find your launch file, go to My Documents then to My Games then to Chivalry then UDKGame then go to Log folder.)


    1. Post any screenshots if you think it may be relevant to your issue and easier to explain.

    got non

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