A few notes

  • Finally got to play today, which was awesome. Only one crash the entire time. I didn’t encounter a lot of bugs and I should’ve probably written down some notes as I was playing but I completely forgot. However, here are the few things that come to mind:

    ? Some weapons seem to have a longer reach than what you would think from the weapon’s length.
    ? Ninja’s voice commands are too loud. Sometimes it sounds like they’re right next to you when they’re actually quite far. Not a big deal but still.
    ? As much as I love the voice acting on each of the classes so far, I think there should be more voice commands that simply say what the command is - like “no”, “help”, “yes” etc. especially with pirates. Sometimes, especially for a foreigner like me, it’s kind of hard to tell what they’re asking for.

    And… I think that’s about it.

    Like I said, I don’t think I came across any bugs so there isn’t much to say. I still felt like I should make a thread since that was like a thing I felt responsible for. ALTHOUGH, I have had a few instances of “wtf? i thought parried that” when fighting against a Ninja but I think that could be just the ping differences causing it.

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