[READ FIRST] Bug Report Guidelines

  • We’d like to eliminate as many duplicate threads as possible and get the most out of your bug reports as possible. Please follow the guidelines below on how we’d like you to post your bug reports. This applies to both Chivalry and Deadliest Warrior.


    • Searching: Search the Bug Reports forum to ensure there is not already a thread similar to the bug you are reporting. Right next to the “Post a new topic” button, there is a search box. This box limits the searches to this particular forum only. Please use this search box first to check for similar reports.

    • One thread per bug: It’s a lot easier to take care of and close a report if there is only one bug listed per thread. Title your topic using the following example: [CMW] Name of your bug report

    • Reproducing the bug: In order to find the issue with a bug, we need to be able to reproduce it. Therefore, before reporting a bug, make sure you can reproduce it multiple times and then give us the same details on how we can reproduce it on our end as well. So think about what you were doing when it happened and give as much information and details as possible.

    • Videos and Screenshots: If at possible, provide videos and screenshots of the bug in action. Sometimes it is easier to explain a bug by showing it, rather than describing it. Please still give as many details as you can in addition though.

    Please use the following template to report your bug:

    Topic title: [CHIV] Name of your title


    Topic title: [DW] Name of your title

    [b][color]What is the issue[/color][/b]: 
    [b][color]Full details on reproducing this issue[/color][/b]:
    [b][color]Videos and/or screenshots[/color][/b]:
    [b][color]Other comments[/color][/b]:

    Thank you and happy bug hunting!

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