Questions from VOIDteam

  • Will the game support windowed mode, to use for broadcasting?
    Will there be decapitations and head explosions?
    What classes and sub-classes player will be able to chose from?
    Will there be options of advanced disembowelment, like cutting off arms and legs?
    Will players be able to break down enemy shields, how much durability will shields have?
    Will players have ability to do non-weapon attacks, like kicking enemy to push him back a little?
    Will there be an ability to push enemies with your shield?
    Will there be a “hardcore” mode, with no medicine around the map and no regeneration?
    Could you describe the new class a little more?
    Will players have the ability to pick up weapons of other classes?

  • Hi Gabber,

    Thank you for the questions.

    We will be producing an FAQ in the near future in hope to answer as many questions from the community as possible. In addition to this, we also release new questions periodically in updates to the developer blog located here:

  • Developer

    I can answer for you some of your questions, those that have already been revealed previously and also ones that probably wouldn’t make it to a FAQ article.

    • Yes the game will support windowed mode

    • Yes, decapitations will be in the new game.

    • Players can select from Archers, Man-at-Arms, Vanguard and Knight Classes

    • We are not currently ready to reveal the full arsenal of weapons or subclasses.

    • Players will be able to perform shieldbashes and those without a shield will have a similar ability.

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