New Perspectives KILLED my STRAT.

  • I have been using both 3rd and 1st person during battles. I did this by switching R to my perspective change from it originally being P. I did this so I could switch between the two because they both offered different benefits. IT was easier to block in 1st person mode and easier to land sprint attacks and fight multiple enemies in 3rd. So having two perspectives I’ve really learned to transition well…

    Now that we have 4 that you have to cycle through I can no longer quick switch between the ones I like. I like one of the new perspectives better then the base but could we perhaps get a way to bind individual perspectives? Or eliminate one or two out of the cycle somehow? IT would be neat if I could have two diff perspective buttons to map that would have one or two perspectives each.

    Just an idea…maybe what I was doing before was abusing the perspectives. It made me much better considering I got the best of both worlds. Yet I saw it as using the camera angles effectively. Better control of camera’s would be nice.

  • I can understand your point. I was just randomly playing with third person and noticing I had to keep constantly cycling through them. It would probably be better if the third person perspective was actually an option (i.e Camera: Over left shoulder, centre, over right shoulder) and then P cycled between first person and your chosen 3rd person perspective.

  • Yes exactly how you worded it! Because I would always throw axes and block 1v1 in 1st because I was better at it. But fighting two or three guys or keep track of my allies swings to dodge them to not get t’d was better in 3rd. As was sprint attacks and fighting certain classes. Now I got this habit of switching between them but I have to cycle!

  • +1

  • Developer

    One-button switching between 3P/1P actually still exists, but you have to manually assign a button to it in UDKInput.ini right now (assign one to GBA_Behindview).

  • Could you give me a step by step process on how I would do this? I would be so very grateful if you could!

  • Just put a bunch of checkboxes in the options which would allow you to choose which cameras ‘P’ will cycle through.

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