Possible female warriors in the future?

  • @Hitom:



    Amazons would be cool. Though I doubt many people would want it in game. Not everybody likes to be man handled by a woman ^^

    Also they are mythological. Sure, the aspect of pitting vikings against samurais and pirates is not exactly realistic either, but they take famous deadly warriors from history and pit them together. Hopefully there will be servers that try to be historically accurate. Amazons never existed and I’m not much for your typical high fantasy game.

    Fun fact: Did you know Amazons only had one tit?

    Also this ^ It crossed my mind but I wasn’t complelty sure :p

    I think this is a fallacy. I have seen a very well endowed lady fire a bow IRL and the breasts/breast do not get it the way. Mechanically its not a problem……except mmmaaayybbeee if you were wielding a Japanese long bow. Those tended to be extremely tall so far as bows went, but then they were asymmetrical, so naturally i’d have to see it in action to be sure :D

  • @giantyak:

    so naturally i’d have to see it in action to be sure :D

    She would need to be naked of course. Need to get accurate physics measurements.

    For science!

  • lol, i get it, because women are just sexual objects! lulz! not surprised by the mindset found in this thread.

    this is our universe, we create the rules. you don’t need historical accuracy in a fucking video game. i guess if you wanna alienate people in the name of supposed historical accuracy then you guys have the right idea. stop putting women down. stop letting misogynist attitudes seep into everything you say. developers can create a female model, or, gasp, one with dark skin! they aren’t writing the history books.

  • @King:


    i know it’s still a game but i feel guilty for hurting female characters,

    Historically accurate or not, I for one would not feel very chivalrous as I am dismembering women.

    Probably a better alternative than the generic rape and pillage you expect from an attacking force.

  • @Skreshavik:

    Probably a better alternative than the generic rape and pillage you expect from an attacking force.

    Very true.
    I am glad its our universe as Christobass was saying :)

  • only feel of female id agree to have in MW.


    if you want women fighters go play tekken or something… keep women fighters out of chivalry…

    the day i join a charge for the mason quarry and everyone is yelling “battle cry” in FEMALE voices will be the day i completely delete this game for good…

    i like women, don’t get me wrong… but i’d hate to have my ass handed to me by one, and i would feel bad for hitting one…

    plus the charges would be sooooo annoying… Females have a loud/annoying voice for a reason, its an ancient “alarm” call that was developed back in the stone ages… notice how children both boys and girls have high pitched voices too?.. again; alarm signal…

    Men lose this when they are of “age” and start to develop a deeper voice… cus now the genes decided he could take care of himself…

    incredible how much you can learn with a bit of study…
    also… if women are added to the game, i demand their strength and damage to be inferior to males just like in real life… ever been beaten up by a girl?.. chances are you are a coward and/or… can i say “a pussycat” in here?

  • I would love to have female warriors, and have them a lot weaker than men also. It would be so fun killing noobs in plate armour as a woman with a butter knife :D

  • Wait……
    Archers are not feminine enough you?

    Well if they do have female characters, I hope they come with the appropriate k itchen, laundry and cleaning tools, can make a damn good sammich, and have keen timing and observations when my pint is getting low…


    OK WTF? How does the word k itchen = kitchen

  • @Retsnom:

    OK WTF? How dies the word k itchen = blacklisted_site

    All those spam bots selling hardwood ones in London, UK… we had to take drastic measures. This happened like back in November or December of last year?

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