• Hello,

    I want to suggest something about Archers. I’m currently playing as a Knight, and I have no problems with Archers, I think people who can manage to use Archer shouldn’t be hated on by other players, but. Their secondary weapon is way too overpower. Every time I run up to an Archer I swing my sword, but they quickly change to their secondary weapon, then block, then stab me. And it is really hard to block and strike back, when their stabs are so lightning fast.

    Archers are supposed to be long-range people. They’re supposed to be excellent in the field in long-range, but as it is right now, they can kill Knights really quickly which is very unrealistic. Archers are not supposed to be great in close-combat, they’re supposed to be really bad. Knights are good in close-combat, but they can’t do anything in long-range, but Archers are good in both long-range and close-combat. Something isn’t matching, you get me?

    I suggest that Archers can’t block every single attack which comes from close-combat class. This would make the game much more fair and more fun. And this way it would actually make sense that Archers are vulnerable in close-combat which they actually aren’t currently.

    Thanks for reading!

    • nima0041

  • No. Their attacks aren’t that hard to block. If you’re having trouble with an unwieldy, slow 2h wep then switch to your secondary. It exists for a reason. That being said, engaging in a parry trade (continuous attacking where both sides block), results in the smaller weapon draining the owner’s stamina resulting in a stamstun. There’s your free kill. You just need to work on your block and/or weapon choice when facing a lighter class. The suggestion you’ve made seems to suggest that either a type of attack is unblockable (overhead, slash or stab) which is silly or an element of randomness where if the archer blocks, it simply doesn’t work. This is also silly. Keep calm and work on that block buddy.

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