Multiplayer campaign for Chivalry?

  • I think an Multiplayer campaign (MPC) for Chivalry game mod would be an excellent idea for this game. That’s a standard now for Total War games where 2 players play against each other with AI nations. But how to implement an MPC in an FPS?

    Well the game Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm (RO2/RS) has done it and it brings a new purpose to every battle.

    The basic idea is to have a map of the war theater with territories. Every territory has to have 1 map but it can have more. At the beginning, one side votes will they attack or defend, then they vote on the territory they will attack and finally on the map if the territory has 2 or more maps. Every territory brings points, every win brings points, number of lost tickets and so on. Attack costs certain amount of points. If don’t have enough points you have to defend. It would be maybe useful to play RO2/RS to see what am I talking about.

    And when someone captures all territories he wins the MPC.

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