• Why was this remove it was the best feature ever especially for ninja
    Other classes could do it too but doing it as ninja felt so PERFECT pls put it back thank you torm bammer


  • I have to agree… remove the dodge roll, keep the double jump. It allowed so much versatility to run through the maps and set up ambushes. Was fun while it lasted, I guess.

    Dodge roll is seldom successful anyway.

  • The dodge roll is slightly more useful now that you can keep a bit of forward momentum and I think they increased the distance as well, at least on the side roll.
    Better than before for sure. I like having a situational evade move and keeping the main evasion down to movement.

    (pls bring back sick ninja parkour)

  • Either that or give the ninjas hook rope that sits on his waist some functionality, because map mobility and flanking are the ninjas specialty.

  • I think making kicks more similar to Medieval Warfare where one keeps momentum in the air as ALL classes rather than halt midair or midsprint and kick.

  • Honestly, I think it would have been more fun to build around the kick boosted jump than to just remove it entirely.

    It made negotiating some of the maps a lot more tolerable, as there are many railings you can watch over, but can’t jump over. These are pretty annoying because I can often see right where I want/need to be, but I have to run all the way to the end of the wall and often back around in order to get there.

    Please be mindful of this annoyance in your map tweaking if you’re going to keep the double jump removed.

  • I remember using this with my teammates in the TDM games to access parts of the map that were difficult to get to and to navigate the map more quickly. I know that we were exploiting a bug but it was a fun mechanic that I hope is added in some other way (crouch jump maybe)?

  • No seriously. My understanding is now that no class can initiate a kick midair much less retain momentum while kicking midair. This is not fun at all. The kicking mechanics in Medieval Warfare are pretty spot on and only need to be tweaked a tiny bit. Not having the jump kick as an advanced move sucks. Please bring it back?

  • I love the ninja roll and I love the jump kick.
    Does any one feel the jump kick was in any way unfair or even just annoying in any way?
    Because I am all for having it in the game.

  • I think the jump kick should have stayed, was kinda fun and didnt do any harm

  • I support the jump kick. There aren’t any game breaking shortcuts, exploits, or unfair advantages iirc.

  • I thought this was a feature :P

  • I really do not care for jump kicking, I just really wanted ninja to have a way to scale around the map so they can play like escape artists / can be anywhere on the map flankers. So really, ninja with a double jump please.

  • I want kick jumping back too. Honestly, kicks aren’t that useful otherwise in my opinion.

  • I used to kick jump shield users / finish off enemys.

    Really sad to see this go… hope you guys bring it back it didnt cause any harm and was really fun to use!

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