Sporadic fps drops(mini freezes, stutters)

  • Randomly in game my frames will drop from a steady 60-90 to what looks like zero; the game is briefly frozen for under two seconds(the entire computer is not frozen however). The colors of stat unit and fps change from green to red during these occurrences and return to their former values right after.

    Gameplay between these pauses is perfect. Verifying the cache has significantly reduced the choppiness of the intro and boosted my fps from 40 to ~90, even on max settings albeit not on a 64 player server.
    This problem is relatively new, at least for me. Around when the bubble patch was released I tested it and the game was fine; reinstalled about three weeks ago and randomly, without warning and without fail, the game will essentially freeze for an extremely short time.
    There is no rhyme nor reason. It has happen on every map, nothing specific happens right before the drop, multiple gamemodes, offline(steam offline and disconnected from internet). Sometimes it’ll occur within five minutes of joining a game, other times it’ll be 20 minutes after launching.
    I have moved the game from my computer’s drive, to a loyal external drive, now to a 64gb usb drive(which has completely removed diablo 3’s terrible stutter). No changes whatsoever.

    Tried rolling back/upgrading drivers.
    Currently disabled both audio devices, using a USB headphone port.
    Game is on min settings.
    Its not connection, no one else gets these(evident by my immediate death during these stutters) along with them still happening offline.
    Resource monitor, task manager, and process explorer have revealed nothing.
    No other processes, to my knowledge, that could affect this game this severely.
    I have tried many .ini adjustments from no onethreadframelag to lowering the max channels for audio device2.

    This is the only game where this occurs. Other games are consistent in their performance. One of my friends who has gotten worse frames consistently does not get these stutters.
    I am on a laptop but one of the suggested solutions has lowered my CPU’s temp from around 70 to 40-50 while playing. The GPU hovers at around 70. Regardless, they have been under much more stress in other games without destroying the game’s performance, unlike chivalry.
    Any aid will be greatly appreciated.

  • The usual things I’d want to check first:

    1. If you have any CPU scaling settings (like cool and quiet or speedstep) try disabling them, they’ve been known to cause issues
    2. When the FPS drops, does the laptop look like it’s doing anything else e.g. is the hard drive light on? It might be some other software doing something. If this is a possibility, then running a perfmon trace while the game runs might help identify any other software that’s getting up to mischief
    3. Try setting the priority of udk.exe to high in task manager (this may have to be done each game) - tends to help performance if other things are battling for CPU cycles.

    Can’t see any issues the dxdiag that would imply problems

  • 1. The laptop doesn’t have any settings concerning speedstepping to my knowledge. One of the fixes I found was to disable an automatic CPU “parking” system which drastically reduced temperatures but did not remove these freezes.

    2. I have tried windowed mode with resource monitor, process explorer, task manager, core temp, and catalyst control center to no avail, I can’t see any sudden changes. The computer has ~30-40 processes when running games; system items make up the majority. Chivalry and its location are exempted from Security essentials and disabling the anti virus didn’t help. I will try perform trace now.

    3. Will try more often.

    When using windows update a svchost spiked to 240k or so mem usage which made chivalry freeze as soon as I created an offline game with bots. It’s not like this all the time, though I suppose it could be some background program(I’m assuming a system item) being greedy. I usually try to cut down on as many services and features as possible but it gets tedious finding out what’s absolutely necessary and what’s completely unneeded.

    I’d like to further add I have just obtained a new computer and the freezes occurred much more quickly than on the laptop. The intro barely stutters on this computer oddly enough.

    I recall, when I was trying full force to fix this, that a few other unreal games have suffered from similar stutters and they were patched out. Combined with the amount of people who claim(some with evidence) that they can barely run this game with great systems, I am starting to feel this is a game issue, maybe something that looks differently one computer than the next.

    Sorry for the length between replies.

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