[ARCH]Surviving in Melee as an Archer

  • here is the video guys,i won’t go into the mechanics on ‘‘how to stab’’ or ‘‘how to risposte overhead’’ ecc.
    but i will tell you how to use your accumulated melee skills to survive and annoy those charging vanguard :)

  • If you’re having problems with fighting vanguard as an archer then I suggest stop trying to duel rank 50’s as a rank 20.

    The dagger makes it ridiculously easy to just ‘overhead’ stab twice with an ‘underhand’ stab once to finish off. With faster footwork and a slower weapon, all they can do is either attempt a very risky hit trade for a one hit kill which may end up with them being flinched or submit to the oblivion of trying to parry it.

    Not to mention that in gangland warfare modes, you tend to be able to finish them off from afar fairly easily anyway.

    Surviving against a good feinting shield user as an archer though… Good luck with that one.

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