Drunken Bastards is now recruiting!

  • Drunken Bastards is a clan focusing on competitive gameplay in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

    Clan Goals:
    -Participate in scrims/pub fights with several other competative clans
    -Kill filthy peasants

    We are in dire need of:
    *Skilled Archer (War Bow or Crossbow)
    *Skilled Man at Arms(Any)

    If you wish to become a Drunken Bastard, you must first contact Inquinox and request a training session. After you undergo a training session, you will be accepted or rejected based on your skill set.

    *Minimum of 150 hours of gameplay in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    *Downloaded Mumble/Teamspeak/Skype for communication

    Rules(hear ye hear ye):
    -No fienting(we are gentlemen!) …(Unless it’s defensive :P)
    -Have fun!

    Ðß | “Your Name”

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