Chivalry: Patch Archive

  • In this thread you’ll find notes for every major patch and hotfix in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s history. Future patch notes will also be posted here for those that don’t keep up with blog posts. Beta patch notes will be posted in the beta forum until the patch goes live.

  • October 22, 2012 - Post-Release Hotfix:

    • Removed stats reset and improved rank/unlock system reliability (weapon unlocks will no longer reset)

    • Fixed crash with server browser

    • Fixed various exploits.

    • Auto-Team Balance on by default in all official servers

    • Auto-Team Balance changes to give you notification and not count as death

    • Fixed being able to join servers that were already full and overload them

    • Now can only see game servers that are running the same version of the game as you are

  • November 22, 2012 - Patch 1:

    Gamemodes & UI

    • Players in FFA now have different colors.

    • FFA no longer uses spawn waves.

    • TDM always uses 80 resources rather than scaling with player numbers.

    • Added HUD markers for Steam friends.

    • Added new ranged crosshair.

    • Added options to vote kick, mute, mute all, admin kick, admin ban, and admin mute from scoreboard (once you enable the mouse).

    • Sort working better (more responsive and no crashes)

    • Right Click Menu Implemented (Connect, Refresh, View Server Info, Add to favorites)

    • Server browser selected option is retained as new servers come in.

    • Added game speed and country filters

    • Added indicators for private and secure servers.

    • Filter options hidden by default, shown when you click a button.

    • VAC Secure filter improved.

    • Added notification for when the server browser is still looking for servers.

    • Manual VO menus redone (Z and X for menus, mobile battlecry shifted back to C for when you are sprinting).

    • Added cancel button when waiting to join a game.

    • Allow different commands to be bound to the same key

    • Allow a primary kebyind/secondary kebyind on keybinds menu

    • Fixed bug where some buttons would cause you to go back in the menu and prevent you from saving (i.e Numpad buttons)

    Animation, Sound & Gameplay

    • Updated jump blend for spear and 1-handed weapons

    • Updated jump animations for buckler, fist, longbow, heat-shield, double axe, javelin, and longsword.

    • Javelin throw changed to be a full body animation.

    • Hit animation no longer plays during release.

    • Added a delay to forward spawn.

    • Burning turns off HP regeneration.

    • Firepots destroy pavises caught in the burn radius.

    • Autobalance changed to be a LIFO system.

    • Autobalance no longer happens in the last two minutes.

    • F10 now has a 5 second delay.

    • Jump and dodge now have a 0.2 second cooldown.

    • Feinting takes actual time (when you feint it’ll take some time before you reach the idle state again and can swing again).

    • Can no longer kick and jump simultaneously.

    • Defender spawn increased by 3 seconds (should help on BG cart, HS Treb 3 and Stoneshill king objectives).

    • Kicking no longer takes an additional miss penalty.

    • Missing with 2-handed weapons costs 20 stamina instead of 10.

    • Flinch if hit in idle.

    • Throwing a javelin stops your sprint.

    • New arrow camera sounds.

    • Beefed up bow sounds.

    • Added new and separate reload sounds for the three bow types.

    • Fist blocking sounds.

    • Added 51 achievements.

    • Veteran Helmets added.

    • Water now causes ragdolls to float.

    • Improved rank calculation.

    • Removed unnecesary requirements/libaries the game depended on.

    • Added option in input menu to disable chat

    • Improved placement of sticky projectiles.

    • Can additionally feint with Mouse 2 (right click)

    • G for VOIP.

    • Mouse 2 will zoom in on ranged weapons besides the crossbow.

    • Crossbow mouse 1 or 2 to aim.

    • Crossbow Q goes from Aim to idle.

    • Crossbow fire/zoom when unloaded in aim-up goes back to idle.

    • Allowed to adjust TDM tickets

    • Allowed to adjust # of LTS rounds.

    • Allowed to adjust FFA max score.

    • Server side option to not allow fists.

    • Added a separate death-based autobalance that can be enabled by server operators (first person to die on the team gets switched).


    • Stoneshil: Added a ledge to the first building entering the village as people were getting stuck on its landscape.

    • Stoneshil: Blocking volume work around perimeter of level to fix exploits.

    • Stoneshil: Fixed up some annoying spots.

    • Stoneshil: Minor landscape tweaks in front of castle wall to prevent jump kicking in.

    • Stoneshil: Tweaked cart points to only give defenders points for kills within the volume rather than per second.

    • Stoneshil: Blocked off archer spot behind the fence.

    • Stoneshill LTS: Added burnable huts

    • Dark Forest: Fixed issue with sluice gate.

    • Dark Forest: Sounds for body cart.

    • Arena: Fixed various exploits.

    • Arena: AFK players and players hiding in the entry way are now killed when a match starts.

    • Arena: Reduced crowd.

    • Arena: Spike reduction.

    • Arena KOTH: Smoothed out ramp

    • Arena FFA: Smoothed out ramp

    • Battlegrounds: Mason Defender Icons switched to torch pits.

    • Battlegrounds: Fixed some exploits.

    • Battlegrounds: Disabled points for defenders on cart.

    • Battlegrounds: Added rotation limits to the catapult and removed some troublesome collision.

    • Battlegrounds LTS: Fixed a graphical glitch.

    • Battlegrounds LTS: Removed torch collision.

    • Ruins: Fixed various exploits.

    • Ruins: Fixed some missing collision

    • Moor: Fixed various exploits

    • Moor: Fixed issues with bounding box.

    • Moor: Fixed agatha side stuck spots on the landscape.

    • Hillside: Trebuchet destruction progress pauses when only one player is holding it rather than completely resetting.

    • Hillside: Rock falling in TO to reval side path around wall. Static in LTS.

    • Hillside: Points tweak on trebuchets to give points to agatha for standing and kills. Only kill bonus to Mason.

    • Hillside: Fixed various exploits.

    • Hillside: Trebuchet collision tweaked to allow for better ranged fighting around them.

    • Hillside: Added light progress to the HUD marker for the signal fire.

    • Tutorial: Some typos fixed.

    • Tutorial: Pot breaking sound.


    ! * All 2-handed weapons have their feint time set to 0.2 seconds (slash and overhead)
    ! * All 1-handed weapons have their feint time set to 0.3 seconds (slash and overhead)
    ! * All stab attacks have their feint time set to 0.4 seconds
    ! * Dazed length changed from 0.9 to 1.1 seconds for all weapons
    ! * Norse Sword: Stab windup increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.45 seconds
    ! * Norse Sword: Slash damage increased from 50 55
    ! * Norse Sword: Overhead damaged increased from 60 65
    ! * Norse Sword: Stab damage decreased from 65 to 55
    ! * Norse Sword: Slash and overhead windup set to 0.35
    ! * Longbow: Draw increased from 0.7 seconds to 1.2 seconds
    ! * Longbow: Bodkin Arrow speed increase from 5500 to 6500 and ammo count decreased from 30 to 25.
    ! * Longbow: Broadhead Arrow speed increase from 5500 to 6500.
    ! * Warbow: Draw increased from 0.9 seconds to 1.4 seconds
    ! * Warbow: Bodkin ammo decreased to 20
    ! * Warbow: Broadhead ammo decreased to 20
    ! * Shortbow: Draw increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.9 seconds
    ! * Crossbow: Bolt speed increased from 5500 to 7500
    ! * Light Crossbow: Bolt speed increased from 5500 to 6500
    ! * Light Crossbow: Ammo increased to 20
    ! * Heavy Crossbow: Bolt speed increased from 6000 to 8500
    ! * Javelin: Ammo count decreased from 7 to 5
    ! * Javelin: Throw windup set to 0.4 seconds
    ! * Javelin: Slowed to 70% movement speed during reload
    ! * Short Spear: Ammo count decreased from 8 to 6
    ! * Short Spear: Throw windup set to 0.4 seconds
    ! * Short Spear: Slowed to 70% movement speed during reload
    ! * Heavy Javelin: Ammo count decreased from 6 to 4
    ! * Heavy Javelin: Throw windup set to 0.5 seconds
    ! * Heavy Javelin: Slowed to 60% movement speed during reload
    ! * 1H Sword of War: Stab windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5 seconds
    ! * 1H Sword of War: Stab damage decreased from 70 to 60
    ! * 1H Longsword: Stab windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5 seconds
    ! * Double Axe: Overhead windup decreased from 0.6 to 0.5 seconds
    ! * Spear: Stab damage increased to 60
    ! * Brandistock: Stab damage increased to 60
    ! * Fork: Stab damage increased to 58

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where sometimes UDK.exe would not close properly.

    • Fixed issue where weather particles would be rotated weird.

    • Fixed issue where max players would get reset over a map change when game ends (when using ?maxplayers).

    • Fixed issue where ballista could fire two bolts.

    • Fixed issue where you would regen health when sprinting

    • Fixed sliding issues around enabling/disabling sprint super fast

    • Fixed issue where the javelin had a super slow reload.

    • Default to windowed mode to avoid invalid-resolution issues.

    • Fixed issue where switching weapons would break some weapons.

    • Fixed issue with javelin getting stuck.

    • Fixed pawn shrinking on siege weapon.

    • Fixed arms going weird when getting off ballista

    • Fixed issue where Mason Kite Shield showing up as an Agathian shield on a player’s back.

    • Fixed issue where the signal fire would start after being extinguished.

    • Fixed issue where players would be kicked off their current server when Steam has a temporary issue.

    • Fixed issue where firepot would not disappear off your screen sometimes.

    • Fixed faulty message telling players to ‘Press’ instead of ‘Hold’ the signal fire.

    • Fixed issue where you could extinguish the signal fire when you don’t have to.

    • Fixed issue where the siege weapon would not display the team properly in the kill indicator.

    • Fixed issue where throwing the javelin would display a shield instead of the javelin kill indicator and would not count towards javelin unlocks.

    • Fixed issue where decapitated and head crushed players are making death cry and death gurgle sounds.

    • Fixed issue where team kills would count towards weapon unlocks.

    • Fixed issue where your attacks would not properly perform tracers once you exit a siege weapon.

    • Fixed weird animation bug where combo would appear on other side at items.

    • Fixed issues surrounding the king objective.

    • Fixed issue where fire particle on pyre does not always play and where Stoneshill and Battlegrounds burnables were not being consistently hit.

    • Fixed an issue where man-at-arms did a t-pose when killed while dodging.

    • Fixed an issue where having a dagger with a shield caused players to t-pose when flinched.

    • Fixed issue where hitting an object and being deflected wasn’t displaying for other players in the game.

    • Fixed issue where javelin overhead would behave like a shove instead of using tracers.

    • Fixed issue with javelin rapid-fire.

    • Fixed issue where torch would try to switch back to primary even if the primary weapon is out of ammo.

    • Fixed issue where shield would be attached on death.

    • Disabled MLAA in the defaul system settings which was causing some people to crash (i.e Geforce 7000 series)

    • Fixed crashes related to world cleanup.

  • December 5th, 2012 - Patch 1 hotfix:

    • Keybind fixes

    • Keybind reset works better

    • Server player count issues fixed

    • Several fixes for different causes of server player counts showing as being higher than they are

    • Fixed issue where player count would be lower than the actual number of players in-game.

    • Fixed issue where you would be able to join even when the max player count was actually reached.

    • Tutorial: Removed achievement text

    • Tutorial: Bringing neckhole’s health down no longer blocks the tutorial

    • Tutorial: Feint no longer blocks the tutorial

    • Arena: Gate fixes

    • Crash fix in steamworks interface code

    • Quivers for bows

    • Possible fix for one circumstance where king objective became weird when king reconnected

    • Settings saved for join game filters.

    • Fixed a server browser sorting issue

    • Polish Localization.

  • January 31, 2013 - Content Update 1:

    Key features

    13 New Maps

    • Citadel
    • Frigid
    • Argon’s Wall
    • And 10 new duel arenas
      5 New Weapons
    • Sling
    • Quarterstaff
    • Polehammer
    • Flail
    • Heavy Flail
      2 New Game Modes
    • Duel Mode (For intense 1v1 Action)
    • Capture the Flag
      Alternate Swings
    • Can now do left to right swings!
      Improved Server Browser
      Blood Decals now paint to the ground when you hit an enemy
      Can now adjust how long Corpses stay on the battlefield
      Much Stronger Hack and Cheat Protection
      Music Jukebox in options menu for listening to full Chivalry soundtrack ingame
      Greatly Improved Spectator mode
      Balance adjustments
      Bug fixes
      General Polish

    Huge whopping Bugfix change list:

    • Added 3rd/1st person spectator follow

    • Added alternate attacks (by default, hold LeftAlt before hitting the attack button)

    • Duel mode added

    • New duel maps: Bridge, Cistern, Courtyard, Dininghall, FrostPeak, Mines, Shipyard, Tower, ThroneRoom, Shaft, Arena_Flat, Arena

    • New map: Frigid (LTS, CTF, and TD variants)

    • New map: Citadel (TO)

    • New map: Argon’s Wall (LTS)

    • New map variants: Ruins CTF, small and large; Moor CTF

    • New weapons: pole hammer, flail, heavy flail, sling, quarterstaff

    • Darkforest: fixed non channeled sluice gate and peasant vo

    • VO sources from the player’s pawn, and moves with it

    • More things optimized in Low detail mode (inventory attachments, etc.)

    • DF NPCs should update more quickly when hit

    • Updated Steam libraries

    • Falling screams reenabled

    • Pavises collide with their owner again

    • Added bAnyUserCanGetSteamID server option for competition servers; disabled by default (add bAnyUserCanGetSteamID=true under [AOC.AOCGame] in PCServer-UDKGame.ini or UDKGame.ini; use “whois” or “getinfo” console commands)

    • Added spectator view lock server option (add bDisallowFreelookSpectator=true under [AOC.AOCGame])

    • Fixed some minor bugs, vulnerabilities

    • Replaced white shadow under HUD overlay text with a black one

    • Fixed: Falling screams for players need to stop on death/injury or landing.

    • Team balance from the team selection menu working.

    • Fixed: Combo tiered swing grunts should be moved up one swing to start from 2nd swing instead of third.

    • Print Damage to Console (when aoc_showdamage enabled)

    • Polished 1hsharp 1p parried animation

    • Shored up the votekick logic. If the target logs out, forcibly end vote and add a tempban

    • Added burning oil return to ready sound.

    • Fixed ballista arrow cam

    • Polished xbow sounds

    • Added missing mason vanguard obj4 dynamic vo in dark forest

    • Added boiling oil sound

    • (audio) fixes to unset phys mat types

    • found setting for peasant pain voices, switched from bad room sound, too beefy vanguard pain to the more fitting/better recored archer pain

    • fixed torch impacts with players to produce blunt impacts plus wood impact and ignite sounds

    • Blood decals added

    • Added options to change blood decal length and ragdoll length

    • Added per-team class limits

    • Made kick better for varying heights.

    • Shield parry damage is now Damage / Negate

    • Shield stamina drain now different per shield and begins immediately

    • ‘Special’ dazed state added that gets activated when you parry when out of stamina or have shield up and kicked (Difference : ‘Special’ dazed state is 1.2 seconds long).

    • Special damage modifier for headshots for crossbows (2.0x)

    • 2 smoke pots to start.

    • better LTS draw avoidance (team with more players at the end wins).

    • Crouching does not pause stamina regen (it increases to 1.6 stamina per second).

    • Scoreboard says server name instead of IP.

    • Random loadout for weapon select screen.

    • TD: autobalance doesn’t engage when either team is out of resources

    • Optimization: don’t switch to gore mesh past a certain distance from player (tighter for medium and low detail modes)

    • Added server option for Max Ping (set bUseMaxPingLimit=true under [AOC.AOCGame] in PCServer-UDKGame.ini, and set fMaxPing, iPingThresholdHitBeforeKick, and iSecondsToKickForPingLimit)

    • Deleting keybinds better (solves some weird issues)

    • Fixed ruin cicadas that previously werent playing

    • Persistent map music now acts as a random-music-playing jukebox

    • Projectiles knock helmet off (aside from on low detail mode).

    • Map Name is displayed without prefix and _P postfix on join game menu.

    • Added missing fatigue swing grunts to agatha archer

    • Added extra ammo option for crossbow.

    • Ballista bolt has splash damage.

    • Fixed: Burning Oil cauldrons need a sound event to cue the player as to when they are ready to be poured again.

    • Display Team Damage and Idle Time when vote kicking

    • Gave TempkickBan reasons that get displayed on the frontend (this is used for ping limit kicks + rank kicks).

    • Added rank limits to server options and server browser. (set bUseRankLimits=true under [AOC.AOCGame] in PCServer-UDKGame.ini; also set iMinRank and iMaxRank in the same section)

    • Separated game mode and map name on server browser.

    • Made the upper-limit on IK legs lower (50 to 30) (stop weird crouching look when walking over certain objects)

    • Fixed issue where command (attack) would not be fired on server.

    • Fixed: Throwing axe not spinning the right way when thrown.

    • Fixed WaterVolume water footsteps not being registered.

    • Adjust boiling sounds radii

    • Fixed quiet waterfall in RUINS

    • Tweaked falling sound attenuation, volume and delay

    • Boiling oil tip sound added.

    • Spectator is more reliable, doesn’t toss people into PlayerWaiting when the round starts if they chose to spectate before the start; should also resolve any other issues

    • In spectator free cam, players directly in front and within a certain distance will have their names displayed

    • Spectators (not those temporarily spectating, such as dead players) can spectate players on both teams

    • Made green messages from broadcast and objective completion a bit brighter. [lighter?]

    • Chat List now wraps properly and doesn’t cut off randomly

    • Removed (PRI) and (SYS) indicators and made the text light gray (it looks more whitish though) and made blue and red lighter.

    • You can parry out of deflect but not out of dazed.

    • You can pick ammo from where player died.

    • Join game menu has a timer to count down when the refresh is over.

    • Ballista and catapult turn sounds replicate properly.

    • Menu sound volume brought up to level of rest of music

    • Omni radii’s set to footsteps and combat locomotion to fix wierd left/right channel offsets

    • Water sounds for all projectiles

    • Fix yellow glow on right and/or bottom sides of the screen in certain resolutions with bloom enabled (most noticeable in windowed mode)

    • Add shadows under more HUD text

    • Reduce progress bar background opacity to 10%

    • Made objective completion times state the amount of time since the beginning of the game

    • If pawn collision gets stuck in another pawn, set a timer to snap out of resulting ragdoll after 0.4 seconds

    • Fixed: Battering ram: cannot kick players off

    • Stoneshill collision pass, landscape tweaks

    • Added AdminCancelVote command

    • New/missing knight vo work

    • Disabling attacking out of shield; when you do so, the attack will queue, the shield will lower, then you attack

    • Corrected mismatched 2H sword 1P/3P animations

    • Can now flinch out of Recovery, Feint states (if the flinch will take longer than the currently-playing animation)

    • New (English) weapon descriptions

    • Fixed weapons not striking dead pawns

    • Fixed auto-balance forcing people to always switch to a random class.

    • Fixed exploit where any class would be able to sprint attack.

    • Victory Post-Screen uses new fancy header images.

    • Updated “Create Game” menu with all the new levels and gamemodes + missing map-images for them.

    • Fixed a server crash relating to dynamic arrays

    • Flinch times set to be the proper time [shorter]

    • Rank Up Notification + Sound.

    • Weapon Unlock Sound.

    • Fixed an issue where the primary ranged weapon wouldn’t get its projectile type refreshed on load.

    • Fixed bug where you can slow sprint by tapping forward movement key.

    • Fixed issue where projectile impact sounds wouldn’t sound properly.

    • Fixed issue where projectiles would somehow sound gore sounds because it was hitting itself in a trace.

    • Fixed issue where all stickies were turned off.

    • Hitting world with melee weapon should be heard by errbody.

    • Fixed bug where ranged weapon would switch to secondary upon spawn.

    • Fixed bug where you could use mandatory shield weapons w/o shield (1.5, javs, flail) by going to secondary, toggling shield, and going back to primary.

    • Fixed a weird first-person animation bug where, if you de-equip your shield, will play a shield equip down animation every time you go to eqiup your other weapon.

    • Added all clear to archer vo

    • Prevent votechangemap to AOCTUT

    • Decap changes:

    • Head explodes don’t happen if a player isn’t decapped

    • If the local player kills someone, or hits a corpse, switch to decap regardless of distance or settings

    • On low detail, only switch to decap if local player is killing someone or hitting a corpse

    • Fixed issues with custom backend

    • Fixed exploit with forcing take damage

    • Admin logins show in chat.

    • Fixed exploit with setting weapons.

    • Fixed exploit with spawning projectile

    • Put player winner on duel and ffa end screen.

    • ~Possibly~ fixed an issue where players couldn’t see anyone else unless they were spectating/dead or other player was friend on team

    • Hillside: 45 second to capture fire, 10 shots to take down ships

    • Fixed issue that played 1P animations at the wrong rate.

    • Fix dodges breaking out of states where player is supposed to be frozen

    • Fix a possible issue with double hitting

    • Added 5 second delay before shield drains stamina on shield up idle

    • Fix issue with super-man dodges

    • Regain 30 stamina on special dazed [when blocking out of stamina]

    • Fix issue with veteran helmets not being able to be selected

    • Spectator buttons are their own binds

    • Fixed sword of war 1h parry dazed tpose.

    • Feint stamina cost decreased from 20 to 15.

    • HWS attack1 damage decreased from 60 to 55.

    • HWS attack3 damage decreased from 58 to 45.

    • Halberd attack3 release decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.

    • Bardiche attack3 windup increased from 0.55 to 0.65.

    • Bardiche attack3 release decreased from 0.55 to 0.5.

    • Billhook attack3 release decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.

    • Greatsword tostab combos increased from 0.6 to 0.75 (bugfix).

    • Claymore slash01tostab combo decreased from 0.675 to 0.65 (bugfix).

    • Zweihander slash021toslash02 combo increased from 0.8 to 0.825 (bugfix).

    • Zweihander stabtoslash02 combo increased from 0.8 to 0.825 (bugfix).

    • Poleaxe attack3 release increased from 0.35 to 0.45.

    • Billhook combo windup times decreased from 0.8 to 0.7.

    • Poleaxe attack1 windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5.

    • Poleaxe attack2 windup increased from 0.5 to 0.6.

  • March 29, 2013 - CU1 Patch 1:

    Key Features

    • Improved and optimized server browser

    • Greatly rebalanced Citadel and Hillside

    • Optimizations to both framerate and terrain smoothness on several problematic maps

    • Better block detection

    • Two new maps: AOCFFA-Tavern_P (Fists only!) and AOCDuel-Moor_P

    Bugfix Changelog:



    -Fixed an issue causing veteran helmets to be unusable.
    -Fixed bodkin and broadhead arrows having their icons reversed in weapon select.
    -Updated Polish localization. (Earlier mini-update)
    -Fixed a hit registration issue in the tutorial.
    -Made sure all commander VO was in chatter so players can turn it off if they don’t want voices.
    -Fixed a server crash that can only happen when server is running UDKGame.exe (though servers shouldn’t be running UDKGame.exe; use UDK.exe or UDKLogging.exe!)


    -Fixed team score cutting off with four digit numbers.
    -Removed overall progress bar.

    Server browser:

    -Improved text and scroll bar alignment.
    -Darker background color.
    -Added perspective lock filter.
    -Added duel to game mode filter.
    -Added the ability to save/reset/load/apply filters.
    -Fixed the server list not fully populating.
    -Fixed an issue with steam authentication causing incorrect player numbers.
    -Fixed some filter settings.
    -Server browser has also received several bug fixes and optimizations.
    -Fixed server browser not displaying all servers on refresh.


    -Added new config variable for duel mode: bUseCustomNumberOfGamesToWin
    -Added new command to change the length of the attack queue window: SetQueueWindow
    -Fixed certain system messages not showing in chat (e.g. admin logins).
    -Fixed being able to vote to change to the tutorial map.
    -Fixed mistyping a map name in a vote triggering the delay between being able to call a new vote.

    Maps/Game Modes


    -Reduced ship speeds on Shipyard, fixed collision issues.
    -Spawns moved to the center on the flat variation of Arena.
    -Fixed exploit spots in Courtyard and Frostpeak.


    -Victory is now awarded to the proper team when the map time limit expires.


    -Added “Press E to use” indicator on fire trap switch in Arena.
    -Various framerate optimizations on Frigid.
    -Fixed CTF flags in LTS variation of Ruins.
    -Fixed being able to jump on some of the boulders on Moor (for all variants).

    Team Objective


    -Aggressive optimization work has been done to improve framerates.
    -Fixed defenders taking fall damage when jumping from their fourth spawn.
    -Fixed invisible wall blocking ammo box.
    -Fixed the ability to enter certain spawns.
    -Fixed textureless blocks.
    -Fixed many collision issues.
    -Fixed nonfunctional warning pyre particles that were meant to alert defenders when attackers are in a certain area of the second slave objective.

    • Fixed missing commander VO from stage 4 of Citadel.
    • Fixed silent mine cart and removed riot sounds from old cage positions.
    • Removed soundcues from citadel workers.

    First Objective

    -Reduced the playable space on the first area, shortening the run for attackers.
    -The palisade has been moved back.
    -Defenders now spawn behind the palisade rather than on top of the wall.

    Second Objective

    -Number of slave cages reduced to 8 from 11.
    -Locks require 7 hits to destroy from 5.
    -Some locks removed from cages to funnel attackers.

    Final Objective

    -Added two ammo crates on the stairway wings.
    -Moved attacker spawn back to the base of the stairs.


    -Signal Fire reduced to 30/10 seconds to Capture/Extuiguish, down from 45/15.
    -Trebuchet 3 removed.
    -Number of ballista hits required to sink a ship down to 7 from 10.
    -Collision overhaul - stuckspots, exploits and bugs fixed.
    -Fixed torch pits deflecting attacks.
    -Fixed collision on trees.
    -Fixed some areas in the first attacking spawn blocking arrows.
    -Fixed collision on trees.
    -Fixed being able to enter spawns.
    -Fixed respawn area on the FFA version of HillsidePyre allowing players to change loadout on the fly.


    -Fixed being able to get on the castle wall after the gate is destroyed.
    -Collision fixes and smoothing.


    -The bird is no longer the word (on Battlegrounds).
    -Added missing commander VOs for Citadel.
    -Added missing “All Clear” VO for Agatha Man-at-Arms.
    -Fixed an issue with ballista bolts playing sounds too often.


    -Fixed an issue causing blocking to sometimes require more precision than intended.
    -Fixed an issue related to attack queueing which caused shields to appear up for the client while not actively blocking.
    -Fixed kick/shield bash recovery time on some weapons being .1 longer than intended (Broadsword, 1H Longsword, Flail, Heavy Flail)
    -Fixed Billhook and Bardiche using the wrong damage type for sprint attacks. (changed from Swing to Pierce)
    -Fixed flinch not applying in deflected state (hitting the ground/being parried).
    -Fixed attacks queuing during an active parry, potentially causing you to launch a second attack after a counter-attack.
    -Narrowed attack queuing window for some states to prevent some unwanted inputs (the queue time can be configured in UDKSettings.ini if you want it longer or shorter)
    -The game now remembers the sprint button being held down, putting you into sprint again if your sprint is stopped for some reason.
    -Broad Dagger stab damage from 40 to 35
    -Broad Dagger overhead damage from 35 slashing to 40 piercing
    -Hunting Knife overhead damage from 40 to 45
    -Thrusting Dagger stab damage from 45 to 40
    -Thrusting Dagger overhead damage from 30 slashing to 45 piercing


    -Fixed camera offset issue with 2handed knight swords when crouching in first person.
    -Fixed grand mace overhead to slash combo releasing from the wrong side.
    -Hunting Knife overhead animation is now a slash to match its damage type.
    -Updated some alt swing animations to be consistent with normal swings throughout the entire release.

  • April 29th, 2013 - CU1 Patch 1.5:


    -After being deflected from hitting walls/ground/environment, you’re now unable to parry until you return to idle. An exception is made for destructible objects, such as the cage locks on Citadel or walls protecting the royal family on Darkforest.
    -You can no longer follow up with a combo if you’re struck while in release.
    -Fists and Piercing/Blunt weapons now explode heads properly.
    -Fists now use normal weapon tracers and deal appropriate hitbox damage, making them more precise to hit with and less forgiving - you can now duck and sidestep punches properly. Let the tavern brawls truly begin!
    -Further improvements to block detection, eliminating some more edge cases of attacks going through parry boxes when a player’s block was properly aimed.
    -Blocked the use of certain mildly exploitable UE3 console commands.
    -Shield toggle is now consistent between all weapons - either pressing 3 or the number of the weapon (I.E. 1 for primaries 2 for secondaries) will toggle the shield, where previously the behavior varied with some weapons.
    -Mute commands now mute text as well as voice.
    -Perspective lock and free camera now only apply to living and dead players respectively, not spectators.


    -Fixed flinch sometimes causing “ghost” attack animations to play rather than the flinch animation.
    -Fixed a bug/exploit causing players without stamina to be able to daze others who weren’t out of stamina.
    -Fixed server browser issues introduced in Patch 1.
    -Fixed flinch not applying to dazed players.
    -Fixed an issue causing siege weapons to appear to fly into the air when a player enters one and jumps.
    -Fixed a bug causing catapults to fire point blank when double clicking.
    -Fixed players who join spectator still being displayed as being on the team they were previously on.
    -Fixed blood particles from dismembered limbs spawning incorrectly.
    -Fixed an issue causing players to spawn with the wrong loadout when switching from a team, to spectator, and then to the opposing team.
    -Fixed being able to sprint with a bow or crossbow ready to fire.
    -Fixed being unable to sprint with throwing weapons and the sling ready to fire.
    -Fixed the missing return button from weapon select.
    -Fixed both arrow types being displayed as bodkins in weapon select.
    -Fixed being unable to throw a torch while sprinting.
    -Fixed spectating players who are using a ballista forcing the ballista to rotate.
    -Fixed being unable to queue javelin throws.
    -Fixed spawning with a random weapon equipped.
    -Fixed a case where the setname command wasn’t being blocked properly.

    Map Changes


    -Added awnings to first mason spawn to prevent archers from firing at the ballistae.
    -Removed collision from damage states on the locks that were registering player strikes.
    -Removed Balista after completion of first objective
    -Minor spawn tweaks on final objective for attackers
    -(Sound)Made malric must not fall/attack the throne room commander vo attacthed to end of statue fall, was previoused bugged and starting when sale cage pens came down


    -Trebuchet 3 message should display correctly now.(Was showing trebuchet 4)


    -Multiple collision and stuck spot fixes
    -Fixed an exploit spot for archers in which they could hide inside the gatehouse mesh.
    -Fixed a spot near the mason spawn where players could get on top of the rocks and were hard to access.
    -Smoothed over the landscape in areas.
    -Moved the ammo crate to the front of the Throne Room to reduce archer nesting around the king.
    -Patched up some mesh holes/overlaps

  • May 3rd, 2013 - CU1 Patch 1.5a Hotfix:

    -Fixed “moonwalking”.
    -Fixed several issues with toggle sprint.
    -Fixed client-side sprint animation sometimes not playing while sprinting.
    -Fixed some animation desyncs related to being hit in release.
    -Toggle sprint now deactivates when you stop moving forward.
    -Dodge slightly slower with smoother animation, less teleporty.

  • June 25th, 2013 - CU1 Patch 2:

    Bugs fixed:

    Flinch not applying during weapon swap (will apply AFTER you swap weapons).
    Counterattacks made off of feinted alt-swings transitioning into alt-swings.
    Kick stun applying during shield drop rather than only active block.
    Release flinch desyncing near the end of release.
    Shields being able to exploit tap block to bypass deflected/parried state.
    Projectile stickies not showing.
    Pole Hammer sprint attack not moving you forward.
    Several ballistae bugs.
    Assists not being awarded properly.
    Alt slash tracers for fist firing upwards.
    Projectile speed being influenced by framerate.
    Alt swing infinite combo.
    King instantly respawning after death.
    Random class assigning players to classes over the max amout on class-limited servers.
    Vertical turn rate being uncapped in a windup or combo.
    Tapping shield block when out of stamina not applying special daze properly.
    Sling sometimes firing at minimum windup when the attack button is being held down.
    Javelin and flail shield punch attacks using weird tracers.
    Sprint causing you to slide forward during dodge and reload animations.
    Light crossbow becoming unable to fire.
    Rank limits not working for rank 0.
    Removed some potentially abusive console commands.
    Third person flinch animations playing on friendly fire despite friendly fire not causing flinch.
    Respawn timer forcing you to the next wave if your spawn timer expires while you’re in class or weapon select.
    Special daze when an out of stamina player blocks a projectile.
    Server request allowing hackers to spawn as a king.
    Dodging while dazed or special dazed.
    Fixed: release flinch working on allies.
    Players being able to bypass forced respawns by entering a siege weapon.
    “Hiding spot” in the lake on Moor.
    Infinite objective points from burning a certain house repeatedly on Stoneshill.
    Players floating into the air if they’re kicked while jumping.
    Possible desync when trying to combo with insufficient stamina.
    Possible desync with counterattacks (“fake counterattacks”).
    Shield hitbox for inactive shields counting as headshot damage for melee weapons.
    Sprint speed not resetting when flinched with toggle sprint active.
    Server filters sometimes requiring a reset to change.
    HTML tags in player names.
    Vanguards being unable to throw torches with sprint attack readied.
    Lead balls not being able to fire after refilling ammo.
    Crouch-jumping getting you stuck in crouch.
    Queued shield blocks not having a capped turn rate.


    Kick and shield bash hit detection now uses proper tracers and is more precise when on uneven terrain or against moving targets.
    Kicks have a 1 second cooldown.
    Charge system for kicks/shield bashes - tapping kick will perform a quick knockback and daze with no damage and a lower stamina cost, holding kick will do a slightly slower damaging kick with the ability to stun shield users.

    Attacks cannot be feinted in the last 200 ms of windup (attack grunt will play at the start of this window).
    Unable to parry for .4 seconds after a combo feint.
    Combo feint stamina cost from 15 to 20.
    Parries can now be combod into from an attack release the same way as attacks are combod, for 10 stamina.
    Now able to parry in attack recovery - costs 25 stamina and does not allow counterattacks.

    Being hit while wielding a ranged weapon no longer flinches, only cancels the attack.
    Ranged weapons can be swapped away from or have their attack canceled at any time.

    Chase boost now only activates against enemies with their backs turned.
    Chase boost activates from further away.

    Bonus stamina regeneration from crouching removed, base stamina regeneration increased.
    New stamina drain values and absorption rates for all weapons (average stamina loss on parry generally lower, min-max values from 7-35 to 8-25)
    A wheezing sound now loops when a player is under 30% stamina.
    Out of stamina grunt will play when you try to perform an action you don’t have enough stamina for, rather than when you swing with 0 stamina.

    Alt swings have a .1 longer windup.
    Special daze length from 1.5 to 2
    Flinch for twohanders is now 1.1 instead of .8
    After being flinched or parried, sprint is disabled for .5
    Buckler animations redone to block less screen space.
    When a match ends, the game no longer freezes. The losing team (or all players but the winner in FFA) are switched to fists.
    Enemies have slightly larger collision than allies.


    ! Broad and Thrust Dagger size increased by 20%
    ! Hunting Knife size increased by 40%
    ! Thrusting Dagger overhead damage from 45 to 50 and stab from 40 to 45
    ! Saber slash release from .4 to .375 combo from .6 to .575 and damage from 40 to 45
    ! Saber overhead windup from .45 to .4 release from .4 to .35 and damage from 45 to 55
    ! Saber stab windup from .4 to .45 and release from .4 to .35
    ! Javelin shield punch attacks windup/release/recovery all .35/.3/.5.
    ! Short spear stab windup/release/recovery from .45/.3/.55 to .4/.3/.5 and damage from 45 to 50
    ! Javelin stab windup/release/recovery from .4/.3/.65 to .425/.325/.55 and damage from 55 to 60
    ! Heavy Javelin stab windup/release/recovery from .5/.35/.7 to .45/.35/.6 and damage from 60 to 70
    ! Javelin throw windup from .4 to .6
    ! Javelin reload from .9 to .6
    ! Small spear throw windup from .3 to .5
    ! Small spear reload from .8 to .5
    ! Heavy javelin throw windup from .5 to .65
    ! Heavy javelin throw recovery from 1 to .65
    ! Crossbow projectile speed from 7500-8000 to 8500-9000
    ! Crossbow reload from 3.5 to 3
    ! Light Crossbow projectile speed from 7000-7500 to 8000-8500
    ! Light Crossbow reload from 2.5 to 2
    ! Heavy Crossbow projectile speed from 8500-9000 to 9500-10000
    ! Heavy Crossbow reload from 4.5 to 4
    ! Crossbow head multiplier reduced to 1.75x from 2x (Heavy Crossbow will still one shot Knights to the head, but normal Crossbow will not)
    ! Longbow movement speed when drawn from 60% to 75%
    ! Shortbow movement speed when drawn from 75% to 90%
    ! Bodkin Arrow damage type from Pierce to PierceBlunt
    ! Shortbow Broadhead damage from 55 to 60
    ! Shortbow Bodkin damage from 55 to 62
    ! Longbow Broadhead damage from 75 to 83
    ! Warbow Broadhead damage from 105 to 100
    ! Warbow Bodkin damage from 105 to 116
    ! Sling reload from 1 to .75
    ! Pebble minimum windup from .5 to .3
    ! Pebble minimum damage from 25 to 30
    ! Pebble max damage from 45 to 50
    ! Lead ball minimum windup from .7 to .6
    ! Lead ball max damage from 55 to 70
    ! Lead ball minimum damage from 30 to 25
    ! Lead ball ammo count from 20 to 25


    ! Dodge speed reduced by 10%
    ! .3 cooldown on dodge.
    ! Dodge disabled during windup and release.
    ! Attacking disabled for the first half of dodge (attacks will queue instead.)
    ! Base speed increased by 10
    ! Sprint acceleration increased by 33%
    ! Firepot damage from 7 per second to 6 per second.
    ! Firepot ground fire now ignites players who walk over it for 2 seconds.
    ! Holy Water Sprinkler overhead windup/release/combo from .4/.4/.7 to .375/.35/.6
    ! Holy Water Sprinkler slash release from .45 to .4 and combo from .7 to .6
    ! Holy Water stab windup from .3 to .35 and recovery from .4 to .5
    ! Flanged Mace stab windup from .3 to .35.
    ! Flanged Mace slash damage from 65 to 64
    ! Hatchet stab windup from .3 to .35.
    ! Dane Axe overhead windup from .4 to .45
    ! Falchion slash damage type from SwingBlunt to Swing.
    ! Falchion slash damage from 70 to 65
    ! Quarterstaff counts as onehanded when calculating attack stamina costs.
    ! Quarterstaff slash windup from .425 to .4 combo from .65 to .6 and damage from 40 to 45
    ! Quarterstaff overhead windup from .45 to .425 combo from .65 to .6 and damage from 45 to 50
    ! Quarterstaff stab damage from 40 to 45


    ! Sprint attacks sped up by about 20%.
    ! All sprint attack damage values set to 100.
    ! Increased weapon knockback on all primaries.
    ! Sprint attack key can now be rebound.
    ! Smoke throw windup from 1 to .6
    ! Claymore slash windup/release/combo from .5/.55/.65 to .475/.45/.625 and damage from 75 to 60
    ! Claymore overhead windup/combo/release from .55/.675/.55 to .475/.625/.45 and damage from 85 to 70
    ! Claymore stab windup/combo/release from .65/.65/.45 to .55/.625/.4 and damage from 70 to 65
    ! Bardiche slash windup/combo/release from .55/.7/.65 to .6/.75/.6
    ! Bardiche overhead release from .7 to .6 and damage from SwingBlunt to Swing
    ! Bardiche stab windup from .65 to .5 and release from .5 to .4
    ! Polehammer slash damage from 70 to 80
    ! Polehammer overhead damage from 75 to 105
    ! Polehammer stab damage from 65 to 72
    ! Polehammer overhead windup from .675 to .625
    ! Polehammer slash and overhead combos from .8 to .75
    ! Spear slash windup/recovery from .6/.7 to .425/.625 and damage from 40 to 30
    ! Spear overhead windup from .7 to .725 and recovery from .75 to .725
    ! Spear stab windup from .6 to .575, recovery from .725 to .65 and damage from 60 to 55
    ! Fork slash windup/release/recovery from .5/.6/.7 to .4/.375/.6 and damage from 35 to 25
    ! Fork overhead recovery from .75 to .7
    ! Fork stab windup from .5 to .475 recovery from .725 to .65 and damage from 58 to 50
    ! Brandistock slash windup/release/recovery from .6/.6/.7 to .45/.45/.65
    ! Brandistock stab windup/release/recovery from .7/.4/.725 to .55/.35/.65 and damage from 60 to 65
    ! Brandistock overhead damage from 90 to 95
    ! (Not technically a Vanguard weapon, but close enough:)
    ! Flag slash windup/release/recovery from .7/.65/.8 to .5/.45/.7
    ! Flag overhead windup/release/recovery from .8/.55/.85 to .75/.5/.8 and damage from 58 to 70
    ! Flag stab windup/release/recovery from .75/.5/.825 to .6/.4/.65


    ! Resistance to blunt reduced by 1% (Mace 2-shots Knights with overhead headshots, Maul 1-shots Knights with overhead headshot)
    ! Knight swords now usable one-handed without a shield. Pressing “1” toggles between 1 and 2 handed, “3” toggles between shield and no shield.
    ! Longsword overhead damage from 85 to 82
    ! Longsword stab damage from 65 to 61
    ! Longsword overhead windup/combo/release from .5/.65/.65 to .525/.675/.6
    ! Longsword slash combo from .65 to .675
    ! Sword of War overhead damage from 75 to 70
    ! Sword of War stab damage from 75 to 68
    ! Sword of War slash release from .6 to .525 and combo from .65 to .675
    ! Sword of War overhead release from .6 to .525 and combo from .65 to .675
    ! Sword of War stab release from .35 to .4 and combo from .65 to .675
    ! Messer slash windup from .55 to .525 recovery from .9 to .8 and damage from 85 SwingBlunt to 99 Swing
    ! Messer overhead combo/release/recovery from .75/.65/.85 to .7/.6/.8
    ! Messer 1H slash release from .45 to .4 and damage from 70 SwingBlunt to 80 Swing
    ! Messer 1H overhead combo from .75 to .7
    ! Double Axe size increased 20%
    ! Double Axe slash combo from .8 to .7 and damage from 85 to 90
    ! Double Axe overhead combo from .8 to .7 and damage from 95 to 115
    ! Bearded Axe slash windup/release/recovery from .425/.55/.8 to .475/.45/.7
    ! Bearded Axe overhead windup/release/recovery from .425/.5/.8 to .475/.4/.7
    ! Bearded Axe overhead damage from 87 to 90
    ! Grand Mace slash damage from 90 to 80
    ! Grand mace overhead windup from .5 to .525
    ! Maul slash windup from .7 to .65 and recovery from 1.2 to 1.1
    ! Maul overhead recovery from 1.2 to 1.1 and damage from 125 to 132
    ! Flail slash windup from .55 to .5 release from .55 to .5 and damage from 55 to 60
    ! Flail overhead release from .55 to .4 and damage from 65 to 70
    ! Heavy Flail slash windup from .6 to .55 release from .6 to .55 and damage from 65 to 70
    ! Heavy Flail overhead release from .6 to .45 and damage from 70 to 75

  • July 4th, 2013 - CU1 Patch 2 Hotfix:

    • Experience stats load successfully now.

    • Corrected Man-at-Arms max sprint speed.

    • Reduced stamina cost of combo feint, recovery parry and combo parry by 5 each.

    • Projectile speeds slowed down ~10-20% to compensate for Patch 2’s fps related fix.

    • Sprint attacks properly drain stamina when blocked.

    • Added a missing keybind.

  • August 13th, 2013 - Content Update 2:

    Key Features:
    Emblem customization, tabard/shield patterns, and new helmets.
    Remote console support.


    • Server browser fixes! (Tabs works better, favorites work better, browser now uses the Steamworks library optimally and is less likely to make your router cry, etc)
    • Tavern map length reduced to 10 minutes.
    • Stamina drain from successfully parrying attacks slightly reduced.
    • Vanguard primary weapon knockback values toned down.
    • Two-hander flinch duration down from 1.1 to 1.0.
    • Special daze duration down from 2 to 1.8.
    • Crossbow projectile speeds are lower, and the difference between light and heavy crossbow is less drastic.
    • Corrected Bardiche sprint attack being .15 faster than other sprint attacks.
    • Flail overhead windup from .55 to .5.
    • Heavy Flail overhead windup from .6 to .55.
    • Spear slash windup from .425 to .475.
    • Spear stab windup from .575 to .6.
    • Brandistock slash windup from .45 to .5.
    • Brandistock stab windup from .55 to .6.
    • Fixed the attack grunt sound sometimes desyncing and playing after a late feint server-side.
    • Fixed several map exploits.
    • Fixed flinch disabling dodge if it occurs in an attack windup.
    • Fixed counterattacks maintaining a parry box and blocking attacks during your counter.
    • Fixed movement slow persisting after canceling a bow draw.
    • Fixed crossbow forced reload after being hit.
    • Fixed rebinding primary attack breaking the scoreboard keybind.
    • Fixed some broken assets on various maps (missing collision/textures/etc.)
    • Fixed missing Norse Sword icon and Falchion model in weapon select.
    • Fixed the furthest target in the archer tutorial being unhittable.
    • Fixed peasants spawning with weapons
    • Fixed peasant death animations
    • Fixed peasant hats turning into helmets when shot off with arrows
    • Fixed objective labels (Mason messages were being display for Agatha objectives)
    • Veteran helmets are now working!
    • Remote Console implemented

  • October 1st, 2013 - CU2 Patch 1:


    • Crosshair will now turn red when aimed at enemies and blue for allies, and activate at a much longer range.

    • Some team-locked customization colors have been modified for easier differentiation.

    • Ranged weapons now properly aim with the crosshair in third person. (Minor crosshair improvements in first person as well)

    • Double tap dodge is now disabled if one button dodge is enabled.

    • Selecting “random” in team select will always assign you to the team with less players when teams are uneven.


    • Game crash when trying to join a friend through Steam.

    • Server browser thinking a server is full when it isn’t.

    • Dodging out of stagger.

    • Man-at-Arms “Superjump” (kick and battlecry variants)

    • Desync with “fake” combo attacks when queuing an attack at the very start of recovery.

    • Desync causing it to be possible to attack and parry simultaneously.

    • Ranged weapon animations improved to always play correctly for others, and actually show the arrow being loaded.

    • Mason kite shield not appearing on back.

    • Kicking a player from the scoreboard works again (was blocked by requiring a reason for the kick).

    • Some achievements which were previously unreliable can now be earned properly. (Tutorial achievements still do not work!)

    • Javelin shield punch tracers more reliably match the attack.

    • CTF flag indicators should display properly.

    • Certain characters in player names breaking name display (Player123 bug).

    • Broken Malric model/textures.

    • Shield on back shadow not displaying in first person.

  • October 7th, 2013 - CU2 Patch 1 Hotfix:

    • Duel Stats are working again

    • UDKStats.ini will show progression stats again

    • Weapon experience stats fixed

    • Tutorial achievements have been removed

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