Bubble Problems

  • Not a discussion, simply a fact repository for ease of viewing. Should anyone have further input, I will edit the OP. I’d like to have an easy resource for the devs to look over the observable in-game effects the bubble has had rather than conjecture and theorycrafting.


    • The bubble prevents you from forcing early contact blocks on stabs by running close, which gives the attacker freedom to pull it around very subtly and seemingly stab right at you, but hit the side of your shoulder.* The bubble allows a forward jumping enemy to land on an invisible shelf in front of you and attack over your block, most commonly with overheads, and it is possible to stay on this shelf for a combo attack that is just as difficult to block.* The bubble does not fix handle hitting with weapons such as the Bardiche and Halberd and more rarely things like Zweihander, Bearded Axe and Greatsword.* The bubble prevents you from sprinting to the side when very close to an enemy, because there is still a bit of forward motion due to the stutter-step that happens when you spin too far, too fast to one side. That forward motion has you colliding with the bubble of the person you are fighting even though you may not even really be facing them anymore and acts like a snare (MMO term), or movement restriction, simply because the enemy is close by (at your shoulder).* The bubble combines with Vanguard weapons knockback effects to form an incredibly effective defense against smaller weapons.* The bubble cancels your sprint as you impact with an enemy who then accelerates quickly despite you still holding sprint. For example, you are behind an enemy, you sprint to them and attack, collide with their bubble during windup, then they sprint forward and your attack misses because of the aforementioned “snare” effect. Alternatively, this is also seen if you sprint at an enemy, then attempt to sprint to the side while winding up to drag your attack into them later. As your sprint has been canceled, they will be out of range simply by holding S or jumping backwards, due to bubble collision outlined in point 3.

      Debatable Pro/Con:* The bubble makes it easier to block.

      Pros:* None. If anyone can think of any, I will add them.

  • Basically all the good competitive players want the bubble gone, so its just reasonable to remove it since there is no argument to actually have the bubble.

    If they remove it or not will be the proof to me if TBS listens this time to the feedback they should listen to or they decide to go their own way

  • Seriously, just pop the damn thing.

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