Chivalry Upload and Download data

  • Hello there.

    I, like many others, have been enjoying Chivalry quite a while now. (Thank you to all developers and creaters!) I was happily going around my business decapitating peasants and such when I was alt-tabbed out of the game to receive a message that I was using a large amount of bandwidth.

    My question is, what is the average usage of download and upload data in MB’s per hour?
    I have been monitoring Chivalry as I play and my results have been 50-72 MB’s, which is quite a bit.

    I have, however, checked any background programs that may be eating away my internet and processes such svchost.exe to no avail…

    Is Chivalry known to take up such a large amount MB’s?

    Thank you for taking a moment to read!
    PS: I do not have a lot of experiences with computers so I may not understand some of the replies. :s

  • Are you saying 50-72MB/hour? I don’t think that’s actually that much.
    I don’t think there’s much you can do to fix that besides playing on servers with less players on them.

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