Movement Speed

  • I dislike the new movement speed in DW for several reasons. This poll is to see who shares my view and who disagrees, therefore giving the developers feedback.

    1. Defense mostly useless. Anything parry can accomplish can be done better by movement. This eliminates face to face fighting and ripostes. Drags are also now less effective, as well as feints. This movement speed will render any sort of organized fighting obsolete, especially in team play. Formations are only somewhat effective in vanilla and will be impossible to maintain at this speed.

    2. Due to how quickly everyone can maneuver, accuracy is less effective and much harder to be consistent with. Many weapons in vanilla rely heavily on being able to get one or two headshots, such as the Sword of War and the poleaxe. Also, the new sweet spot mechanic will be harder to take advantage of when it is hard to hit people at all, much less with precision. Weapons in DW like the sarissa, the dory, the viking’s spear, the yari spear and the katana are very hard to land hits with. Stabs overall, which are usually the preferred method of attack in vanilla, are much less effective b/c they are so easily evaded. If the movement speed really must remain this way, please make stabs do more damage and make overheads do slightly less. Most people run around wildly and combo overheads in DW at the moment.

    3. The combat feels much more floaty and spammy in my opinion. It feels like a hack and slash, not the precise and skill based melee combat I’ve come to be accustomed to. Several people have described the combat as “jousting”, and I think that’s an accurate description. Basically, everyone runs around in circles, waiting for openings or for the other person to miss, and then does a single strike, or they combo and purposefully miss then hit with the second attack. This is possible in vanilla with a few weapons, but it takes skill and timing to pull off. Any feel of realism seems to be gone. Not to say Chivalry: MW is extremely realistic, but it feels plausible. It feels grounded and tactical. DW feels like an arcade slasher.

    4. Chivalry is already heavily favors the aggressor, which I definitely think is a good thing. However, DW pushes this meta to the extreme and makes it so that any kind of defense isn’t really viable. There are times in Chivalry where going on the defensive briefly can help you, such as parrying a few times while backing up and waiting for support from your teammates. With this movement speed, standing in place even briefly is death. I want the game to still favor the attacker but allow for a margin of defense to be possible, just as it is in live.

    Please vote and post your opinions below to continue the discussion.

  • I think its by far the best thing about DW in comparsion to CMW at the moment

    Hopefully it stays they way it is right now and doesnt get nerfed

    Also “parry being useless” might be the case against bad players who cant aim their weapon properly

    The accuracy thing is also a sign for the game being harder, need to get used to it ;)

  • What are you talking about? Movement speed is mostly defensive because you can sidestep and use footwork effectively. Sure, if you’re one of those morons who stands there and blocks you’re not going to like it, but you’re not going to like lots of things in that case.

    Besides, EVERYONE is faster, it’s all relative. You have the same options as you do in Chivalry, it’s just all sped up now, which is good.


    2. Due to how quickly everyone can maneuver, accuracy is less effective and much harder to be consistent with.

    Accuracy is actually MORE important, because if you have the ability to follow the person’s movement with your strike you’re going to hit them anyway if you were within range to begin with, because you can sprint right after them. The fact that you even make this argument tells me you have no concept of footwork at all thanks to the recent patches.

  • No need to be hostile over my opinion Kiri. You could have just voted no and stayed silent or posted a more measured reponse. I have just over 1,000 hours on this game and I’m not going to be told it’s because I’m bad at the game that I have this opinion. I’ve been playing since January, so it’s not like I came after the patch.

  • you can still be bad at something and have a ton of hours in it
    and kiri has some valid points, only a dumbass stands completely still in this and MW

    1. movement and dodging is a part of defense along with parry
    drags are still good especially if you drag it to clip them when they’re trying to dodge, this is doable with proper mouse positioning
    feints are still good

    2. you need more accuracy in this game
    you have other attacks for a reason and proper mouse positioning pre windup is more important than “woops i misplaced my cursor time to drag and hit”
    sweet spot mechanic is another thing for people to get used to and enables situations where you can take less damage with proper positioning
    it’s less “more easily evaded” and more “you’re not used to the movement speed to aim”- spears are actually extremely good because the stabs don’t have blue tracers at all so you can feint facestab combofeint facestab for free
    stabs also do a shitload of damage already, fuck that noise
    also here’s a tip: aim with your movement too as well as your mouse

    3. the jousting thing is mainly a bubble problem, remove it and people will be able to stick to enemies better and punishes those who turn their backs like that
    there is still the jumpback parry maneuver but that drains a bit of stam
    also if everyone is moving around you need to be more precise so you don’t whiff that attack and get punished- don’t forget you have recovery/combo parry/combo feint to parry (against slower weapons)

    the combo thing is because parry recovery is too long/people just panic parry and get nailed by the combo- i have to say though parrying is not that fun in general

    4.if it favors the aggressor then your point above doesn’t hold a lot of weight because you’re primarily playing defensive for whiffbaits and running away after a strike- if you were aggressive you’d keep pushing
    using the quicker movement to your advantage is a part of defense
    also nobody ever stands still in this game even in MW, the closest thing is crouching lookup blocking while crabwalking backwards

    a lot of the problems stem from increased collision size which is another reason to reduce it
    also for the speed they put in the game the transition to combat still feels really slow and awful because of ranged + really slow health regen

  • When did I ever suggest I stand still while playing in live? I was simply making the point that being defensive at times is necessary and should be available.

  • it is available, now you can avoid things with movement vs just crouching lookup parrying everything- the option is still there and is still strong

    increased movement speed doesn’t detract from that aspect

  • Wish I could vote for a 50% compromise.

    I agree with Omega. I find myself spinning my camera sideways at maximum speed a little too often to prevent exposing my flank or rear to sprinters. Those who are very good at fast & precise positioning, I highly respect your skill but I don’t think that landing a thrust or kick should require rolling the mouse off its pad. I’m okay with the move speed being faster than CMW but I’d like it to be juuuust a tad slower in CDW.

    It’s not that I take issue with needing superb accuracy to perform well; that should always be so. But the time it takes to wind up a strike versus the time it takes to run around a player feels a little off balanced to me. I enjoy the pacing of combat when blocks and ripostes are not far more scarce than backstabs.

  • if he wants to give you the run around that’s when you slash

    here’s a protip: use your movement as well as your mouse to aim things, sync your strafe with your opponent’s strafe and you will have a better time hitting people

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