Stamina system revisited

  • Basically a suggestion to make the stamina system (and shields) a little bit less frustrating:

    (1) Stamina pool increased by at least 50%

    The idea is that it takes longer to run out of stamina. This way a victory by “strangling” (making your enemy run out of stamina) is harder to achieve as you need to wear him down over a longer time without making mistakes. On the other side using stamina mid fight would not punish you as hard as you still got reserves to fight on (even if you would finally lose the stamina battle).

    (2) Shield stamina cost for blocking reduced, small shields now take slightly less stamina than big ones

    Simple: Small shields like the Buckler were designed for close combat. With a smaller shield you can make weapons slide off much easier than with a big one that is build for deflecting arrows. Also the shield stamina drain is too much right now making shields a liability in close combat - a thing that should be changed.

    (3) Shields close combat hitbox now matches their visual size and stays active during shield bash

    No more weapons strking right through shields! Also helps the big ones in close combat as (2) makes the small ones more stamina-effective.

    (4) Kick only drains stamina if parried but does not do damage then, damage typ changed to blunt and increased

    Fists hurt but kicks don’t? Getting kicked on your shield and dying from it? Not any more! The whole thing gives kicks a more offensive role and prevents passive stamina drain by just kicking somebody. The daze and shield kick stay so they should be able to be used as usual. Quick kick damage should stay low keeping it a knockback tool.

    (5) Combo parry removed, Panic parry disabled for 50% of recovery time after a finished attack, every parry performed between 50% and 100% of recovery time counts as panic parry

    Bring back the punishment for missed strikes to avoid endless attack-parry trades until stamina runs out. Same for the feature to cancel ones attack in favor of a defensive action without making comboing the go-to move it was before the CFtP removal. But being able to bypass up to 50% of your recovery time should come at a price - in this case the increased cost for parrying.

    (6) Riposting counts as comboing and thus has a stamina cost attached to it

    Fast combat is exhausting so attack-parry-riposte should be more expensive than attack-parry. And riposte being a free move does not fit into the concept of the game as comboing and feinting drain stamina (which makes sense as you force your weapon to change path).

    (7) When out of stamina you suffer increased windup times

    Lifting your weapon consumes energy and if you are out of stamina you lack energy. Instead of disabling attacking by attaching a stamina cost increased windup times reflect this giving the fresher fighter an edge if it comes to hittrading.

    (8) Sprinting has a tiny stamina cost attached (activation cost and slow drain while running)

    This prevents people from running away infinitely especially if they are losing the stamina fight (looking at those dagger wielding Archers). The activation cost counteracts saving stamina by starting to sprint, stopping and restarting as opposed to keep going. As a sideeffect it does make dancing a little bit more costly (thats also one reason why the cost should stay very low) and makes it impossible to flee from a fight when out of stamina.

    (9) Parrying an attack with insufficient stamina does only daze briefly but deals 50% of the attacks damage instead

    Instead of stunning opponents who are doomed to watch you killing them off or fail doing so you get a more direct punishment in form of damage. The defender gets more control over his actions and a reward for parrying (50% damage reducion is better than nothing). The stamina regain stays to avoid a further stunlock and the attacker gets damage done. And the game gets rid of this 1.8s stun caused by a dagger stab on a Tower Shield. This way “strangling” stays a valid tactic for heavy weapons but makes it harder for light ones.

    Two things only distantly related:

    (10) No more collision bubble but you can parry weapons during windup

    An alternate idea to deal with facehugging and extreme dragging. More realism and less invisible wall action.

    (11) Reduction of weapon and parry hitboxes

    This serves the cause of making attack-parry trades harder as you need more precision to land or deflect a hit (shields are an exception but you can still kick them and they disallow riposting). It also makes it easier to hit the right one in group fights and reduces the amount of accidental hits and increases the chance of evading attacks by movement. In short: Increased skillcap and some added depth.

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