The Meaning of Chivalry

  • It seems like lots of people think Chivalry refers to “considerate and courteous to women”, which is the definition that fits the word best in our current day. Over half of the people I promote the game to (in person) thinks that definition is the meaning (it might have to do with myself living in Canada). Here are all the definitions of Chivalry, taken from just for your convenience:







    Despite this, here is the picture found on the free dictionary Chivalry definition page:

    I guess we are in 2012 though! :footy:

  • Try searching Chivalry game on Twitter and you will see the source of my frustrations :)

    “Lol that’s what kill me. I been saying chivalry not dead… I sent those flowers from work yesterday… He didn’t put ME on game”


  • Rofl, some of those results are pretty funny! :D

  • Were is Lancebringer? I’d like to hear his definition of Chivalry…

    Regardless… this is an excellent post, Viper I hope this is viewed by many who pass through these forums.

  • Chivalry was the warrior code of the knights. Like Bushido to the samurai.

    Upholding the honor of women was part of it. As was protecting the weak. Charity to the poor. Etc. Crusaders like the Templars were warrior monks whose sworn duty was too protect the pilgrims, uphold justice, never lie, never turn their back on an enemy, never refuse a challenge from an equal, and wage war on all that was evil. It’s their code of honor.

    It would be cool if the game could have a stats system that records and rewards honorable knights. So, for example “team kills” would lower the honor rating.

  • Well, if anything, Chivalry only refers to Agathian Knights, certainly not to the Mason Order… ;)

  • I don’t see anything in Vipers definition about mercy.

  • @Viper:

    1. the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.

    2. the rules and customs of medieval knighthood.

    Ransack listed the the rules and customs of medieval knighthood, in his post! :P

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