High ping

  • Hi all!!

    I have a CS:GO and CS:Source server on same computer, I’ve try Chivaly server alone on this machine, but, high pings are always omnipresents!

    CS:GO and CS:Source pings are not high like Chivalry.

    Have you got solution for resolve the high ping problem?

  • What is the clockspeed of your server?
    Source is very efficient and can handle it well, not to mention, CS:GO and CS:S are just bullet calculations mostly. While melee weapons take quite a bit more resources.

    Chivalry is also highly dependent on clock speed.

  • Own server have an Intel Xeon E5-1650 processor with virtualization (promox). The Virtual machine had 2 cores activated with 6Go RAM.

    Own former server was not to perform, but, it was run correctly, he were on vmare.

    Do you think the virtualization platform is the problem (proxmox replace vmware)?

  • It could be that VMWare or any other virtualization has a shitty CPU overhead, the clockspeed on that CPU is fine.

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