[EU] Weekend Tournament #Week 3

  • Hi guys, Flov here, I’m bringing you the third tournament of weekend tourney series.


    Last tourney results

    Stay tuned on our Steam group for news and infos, join the group.

    Add me on steam and tell me if you want to play, and I’ll sign you up

    This tournament is Knight only.

    -ONLY Two Handed Sword(Long sword / Sword of War / Messer), other weapons aren’t alloweds
    -No Third Person camera
    -No spam while players are playing

    Classic 1v1 first to 7 wins on LTS Moor.

    Server will be our Viking Server, as alwyas. The tournament will be played in the entire weekend.

    This tournament is organized with appointments, THESE ARE UNDER THE DESCRIPTION. If you don’t know the time, just ask me on Steam, I’ll answer you istantly.


    For any other questions, talk to me (Flov) or Dream’Tits on Steam.


    Saturday - Round One

    Remember, normal english time, GMT + 0. Join server at “show up time” and you’ll play at “match time”

    Example: “Match Letter” - “show up time” (“match time”)

    A - 15:00 (15:10 - 15:20)
    B - 15:20 (15:30 - 15:40)
    C - 15:40 (15:50 - 16:00)
    D - 16:00 (16:10 - 16:20)
    E - 16:20 (16:30 - 16:40)
    F - 16:40 (16:50 - 17:00)
    G - 17:00 (17:10 - 17:20)
    H - 17:20 (17:30 - 17:40)
    I - 17:40 (17:50 - 18:00)
    J - 18:00 (18:10 - 18:20)
    K - 18:20 (18:30 - 18:40)
    L - 18:40 (18:50 - 19:00)
    M - 19:00 (19:10 - 19:20)
    N - 19:20 (19:30 - 19:40)
    O - 19:40 (19:50 - 20:00)
    P - 20:00 (20:10 - 20:20)

  • Quarterstaff allowed as well.

  • Or not.

  • Why is third person enabled? I personally see nothing wrong with it, even in competitive. It honestly makes the game harder if anything, it also makes it unfair to players who play fairly (not skyfloor) unable to play.

    I mean, it’s arguable that it does give an advantage in scrims etc, but in 1v1? No.

    I see that rule stupid. I have friends who play 3rd and won’t play due to this. Silly.

  • I personally also agree that the ban on 3rd person is not necessary.

    I play 1st person in duel so I don’t much care but I know some who don’t so this might be unfair for them!

  • Yup, had to register here just to say how silly and unnecessary the 1st person only rule is in a 1v1 tournament. This is just mean to us 3rd person noobs :(

  • 3d person rule is not silly imo. You can do alot of stuff in 3d person that you cant do in first. For instance backswings become alot easier since you can see exactly where ur opponent is even with ur back turned. You can do alot of tricky moves easier in 3d, even tho you cant parry as good as in first. But for it to be equal for everyone I think it should be 1st person only, and this is because the majority actually play in 1st.

  • I use either view - I’ve changed key binds L to Q for easily switching the view. And Put (old) Q along with RMB. This made everything rather easy to adjust according to game modes. But again, the third view gives a massive advantage in scrims since able to see everything around before encountering anybody… Luckily it does not give your fighting skills being the same as the first view. So I don’t think it is indeed necessary to ban the third view in 1v1 matches. However, scrims are… different…

  • Your match times might become a problem if a match lasts longer than 10 minutes, and also, here are the brackets for those of you who don’t already know:


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