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  • Hello gentlemans-at-arms,

    Welcome to the thread of the French translation of Chivalry : Medieval Warfare !


    Most of the translations are not corresponding to the original texts, or their meaning is not correct.
    This is why I’ll start the translation from the beginning, using the current .int (English) files (up to date files).

    I have been really busy the last weeks, and the translation was slowed down a lot, I’m currently testing multiple files, and mainly translating (2600+ lines).

    Some of the lines in AOCTO-TrainingCamp_Game are present several times (same phrases but different numbers). I think some of them are totally useless and broken, not used in the game. I’ll see after I finish completely the translation.

    Added and
    Checked for new lines
    Added NextHint=Astuce suivante PreviousHint=Astuce précédente HideHint=Cacher les astuces in AOCKeybinds.FRA

    I have been really busy, and did not do much. The translation is nearly finished !

    Hello people ! I have a heavy workload right now, and I did not play or translate recently. I’ll be translating the remaining parts when I have time. I will also have to check what the new update added. Stay tuned !

    Added and translated several lines from last updates. Translated the archer tutorial.

    Got back into the translation of the TrainingCamp_Game

    Currently checking and merging the files from the last update ! Worked a bit on the files, found the missing line in AOC. Files sent !

    The new files are ingame :)

    Worked on AOCTO-TrainingCamp_Game.FRA
    Updated AOCUI.FRA

    Worked on AOCTO-TrainingCamp_Game.FRA (full translation complete, just need a cleaning of the unused lines, and to sort the lines in the right order)
    Updated on AOCCustomization.FRA (DLC Bundles added)
    Updated on AOC.FRA (messer variant added)
    Updated AOCSDK.FRA (related to SDK downloads)
    Updated AOCMAPS.FRA (modifications in [HudMarker] added, Ramprog1 & Ramprog2 added in [Messages])
    Files sent ! Should be ingame when the hotfix 24 is released. EDIT : not released yet (01/05)

    Updated AOCUI.FRA

    I have been very busy with my studies and other things, I will now have more free time to work on the new maps and content. Stay tuned !

    Worked on the DLCs and a bit on the Beta 28 UI refresh.

    Worked on the update 28 UI refresh files. Nearly finished everything, still need to do some testing.

    Finished the translation of the files. Corrected some typos. I’m currently testing everything.
    The files were sent !

    I created a list with the issues encountered, but I cant upload the screenshots.

    Added some issues to the list & posted some screenshots. I could not use the tornbanner integrated upload so I used noelshack.

    Found other issues.

    I started playing again since the update, and I will soon check the files to see what needs to be updated.
    EDIT : Started translating the first files, many lines were added.

    The translation is complete but some objectives, hud markers and text messages are not translated. I need to create a list. I will send the files anyway.

    New files sent !

    Worked a bit on the localization, it’s nearly complete. It should includes texts for the controller support and much more.

    Status update : I’ll check the current files and update them when I have free time.

    List of files
    AOC [INGAME : 63 ko] [LATEST : 63 ko]
    AOCCommon [INGAME : 6 ko] [LATEST : 6 ko]
    AOCCustomization [INGAME : 27 ko] [LATEST : 29 ko]
    AOCGame [INGAME : 8 ko] [LATEST : [/COLOR]8 ko]
    AOCKeybinds [INGAME : 5 ko] [LATEST : 6 ko]
    AOCMAPS [INGAME : 25 ko] [LATEST : 46 ko]
    AOCSDK [INGAME : 4 ko] [LATEST : 4 ko]
    AOCTO-Citadel_Game [INGAME : 3 ko] [LATEST : 3 ko]
    AOCTO-Citadel_p [INGAME : 2 ko] [LATEST : 2 ko]
    AOCTO-Hillside_Game [INGAME : 9 ko] [LATEST : 9 ko]
    AOCTO-Hillside_P [INGAME : 2 ko] [LATEST : 2 ko]
    AOCTO-TrainingCamp_Game [INGAME : 281 ko] [LATEST : 281 ko]
    AOCUI [INGAME : 28 ko] [LATEST : 28 ko]

    EditorTips [OTHER : 30 ko]
    Engine [OTHER : 1 ko]
    GFxUI [OTHER : 1 ko]

  • Will you make a translation of the voices ?

  • I dont think this was planned, and this would involve some heavy work and technical support, but I’ll ask the question.
    Thanks for sharing the idea ! :)

    EDIT : I did not get any response, I dont think it will be done any time soon. This require actors, tools, time, and I dont have the time or ressources to do it.

  • Thank you for the translation work done !

  • You’re welcome ! :)
    EDIT : Files sent !

  • I am sure that you can find actors with youtube.

  • Neat, nice work…

  • Thanks ! :)

  • Are you french ?

  • I’m Belgian.

  • It is much better.

  • Haha, if you say so ;)

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