Official Community Contest - Year One. [Contest Closed]

  • This contest is closed. If you want to post your own experiences then you can still do so. :)

    For those that don’t know, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the launch date of Chivalry. It’s been a long year, that has brought on some new stuff and some changes. Both good and bad, but that depends on who you ask.

    Regardless of what your current opinion is, I’m sure we can all agree that there have been some good times. So I figured that the best way to hold a contest is to have an appreciation thread for the game and Torn Banner. You can talk about experiences in game, in the forums, or things you love about the team or game. You don’t have to be the best writer to express what you enjoy. :)

    Rules: Write a minimum of 10 sentences describing what you have enjoyed about Chivalry and/or Torn Banner. If you make a post with complaints or any disrespect towards Torn Banner, your post will automatically be deleted.

    Deadline: 12pm EST Wednesday, October 16th, 2013.

    Prizes: Depending on the amount of entries, I might have either one winner or three. The winner(s) will get to pick their prizes from my prize pool of games. …Maybe I can convince Kimi to get the team to send a signed poster or something. :P

  • I think they have done a magnificent job of balancing this game. It really shines through in the gameplay and you can tell the developers are some of the best in the world at solving bugs and problems with the game. Not only that but the patches arrive quickly and with lots of interesting features. I think their upcoming game DW will be a grand success because of the love and care they have bestowed upon CMW.

    I wake up out of my bed in the morning to great enthusiasm to fighting against people with varied and interesting playstyles, especially those who use norse sword, maul and HWS. I think with such a small team, TBS have done a cracking job with allowing people to use various playstyles effectively in such a varied environment. The team objective maps are some of the greatest works of artistic creation, I have ever witnessed. It takes my breath away, just how good some of them are.

    I absolutely love standard duel mode and I think they’ve done an amazing job with it since it was introduced in January/February of this year. I think the interface is a real credit to the developer’s hard work and attention to detail. I would just like to state again that I commend the developers of CMW for their hard work!

    Thanks TBS!

  • Okay so, this might be a little more than ten sentences. I have quite a bit to say here.

    First off, I’d like to start by saying that I got the game during the summer sale [and after that notorious patch], so I understand that I’m not a Chivalry veteran — I’m simply just expressing my personal opinions from my experiences with the game. What made Chivalry stand out from all the other games was the concept. It’s far different than any other game I’ve ever played before. After a bit of a struggle to get past the learning curve, I was hooked. I can’t remember the last game that got me this committed: I wanted to play during all the free time I had. And, having almost 600 hours, I’m sure that I’ll still be active for much longer.

    I’m indecisive as to what my favorite thing is about Chivalry — it could be the dismemberment of heads, the gruesome nature, the beautiful graphics and environment, the fluid and satisfying combat system, or the hilarious voice commands. Whatever the case, the concept of Chivalry is, simply put, amazing. The game modes are all exceptional, with a real emphasis on teamwork, as it should be. The intense immersive feel you get when charging in to an objective with your teammates is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before, and with the additional new updates that introduces things such as the duel mode or customization, it brings a whole new dynamic feel toward the game. TB nailed it when it comes to really feeling like you’re in the medieval era. And, needless to say, is equipped with a great soundtrack.

    I’ve had many good experiences in Chivalry, although there was one in particular that occurred recently that gave me a realization just how much potential this game has, and what has ultimately inspired me to make this post. I was in a team objective game that had many new and kind players. We worked together and waited for everyone to spawn so we could create an army to go for the next big rush and complete the objectives; and, although it may seem inane, made me realize the massive potential and enjoyment this otherwise simple medieval-styled game has to offer. Though they were new players, we all had a blast working together and it was some of the most fun in all my gaming years. This simple experience was enough to give me great devotion to Chivalry, and its experiences like this that will keep me playing more and more.

    It pains me to see the small amount of active players Chivalry has, it really does. And I hope it’s not wishful thinking to envision a large, willing, welcoming, and active community because Torn Banner deserves it for making such an inimitable and conceptual masterpiece that is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I just hope to see lots of new players with similar mentality as mine to get this game up and running and back to its glory days. At any rate, without making this too repetitive, I want to thank TB for all the great experiences I’ve had in their game.

    See you all on the battlefield! :)

  • Having been one of the oldest fans of this dev team since 2005, running one of the oldest, successful yet controversial, highly opinionated clans in the game, hosting servers and tournaments from Age of Chivalry all the way to Chivalry and though all the the ups and downs, the good and the bad patches, updates and delays between games (over 3 years of keeping AOC alive till Chivalry was released), I cannot tell you how proud I am of all of you and your success and wish you nothing but the best and hopeful wishes in the future.

    For eight years, I have watched a handful of kid fan-boy game modders with a humble mod and a dream, take a game engine and made it do things that it was never really designed to do and then evolve into a legit and successful indy game design company led by an aspiring young man with big dreams and a desire to actually make those dreams come true then to share it with the rest of us.

    I know I have been one of your most outspoken and staunch critics over all these years with my less than politically correct or tactful ways of stating my cases.

    But you must understand that my love for this truly innovative and unique game has won my heart with well over 6000 total combined hours from AOC to CHIV, of my leisure life invested in what you have created over the years.

    Because of my love and investment, my critiques, while sometime harsh were and are posted to push and inspire you to develop the game to it’s maximum potential.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to actually thank you and recognize all of your hard work over these eight plus years that so many current players have no real concept of all the hard work, hours, risking your futures, sacrificing incomes, housing, and relationships, all for a long shot dream that has now become reality.

    That my friends is inspiring specially if you know the history and overcoming all the obstacles that got in the way.

    I am very proud of all of you and what you have accomplished.

    I am proud to support you, your game, and the community.

  • Even though I dont agree to all the choices you have made, the stuff added in on C:MW, and how you have dealt with some bugs of said so game, by god, I have never loved nor played a game as much as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The fact that I would have to carefully aim my strikes, think about who to attack, where to charge in, to defend or not, is not something unheard of. But all of this in first person, and it seems to work out very smoothly, have made your game the best I have ever played.

    I currently have almost 400 hours of the game, and I dont regret a single one of them. Moments as slicing through waves of players with a big axe in FFA, coordinating an attack on a village made up of filthy peasants, trying to survive in a Last Team Standing, or honing your skills in a duel with a good friend, there isn’t much, if anything, I have not enjoyed about your game.

    It may be below ten sentences, the start might hold a bit of negativity, but yes, oh yes, how I have enjoyed your game.

    I apologize for grammatical mistakes and of the likes, but even us vikings in the north of Europa enjoy your game!

    Again, if you find my submit too negative or not following the rules, feel free to pull me out of the poll, but please dont delete this post.

    Looking forward to play C:DW, and your future release :)

  • I absolutely love Chivalry Medieval Warfare. This is all I ever wanted in a medieval game; the game left out all of the wizards, combo point counters, and other flashy rainbow effects and focused on realism. That is what sold me on this game straight from the beta release.

    I am really enjoying the new character customization content. It allows me to distinguish players on the field which is helpful. For example, if the player is expert and has a pink unicorn emblem on his armor I know to stay away from him, or else he will do mean things in a hurry.

    Even if I play on a server until it dies out at 2AM the game is still fun. The community is great, and hilarious. I often find myself using the voice messages to have random conversations with players. Another favorite is the global signal of initiating duels on the battle field even if the game mode is not FFA or duels. I learned it is disrespectful not to bow followed by your team war-chant before entering the duel.

    Overall, this is a great game and I already pre-ordered the DW expansion because I love the base game so much!

    Thanks for your time and dedication to the game.

    PS: Any new word on public C:MW mod tools?

  • I remember the day I first glanced upon Chivalry in the steam store.
    It looked pretty fun and impressive from first looks. I even had plans to buy WoTR that same day.

    Though, ALSO the same day I found it on steam, one of my favorite youtubers (UberHaxorNova) uploaded his first of a very long series of let’s-plays featuring this game, and I was sold.
    This is without a doubt the funniest and yet coolest multiplayer game I’ve played in a long, long time.
    There is no other that can compare the fun and juss’ plain Chivalry-ness this game gives.

    Everything from the wonky voices and the bloody limbs flying everywhere, to the competitive modes and rambunctious community.

    No, I’m not just trying to suck up to you guys, being as awesome, cool, and awesome as you all are.
    But I will thank you for such a fun, and frickin’-amazing experience!

  • Sorry it took me a while to announce the winner.

    This will be really short. Congrats Nightfall. :)

    However, if you want to continue to post your own experiences, you may do so.

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