UDK crashes when attempting to run Chivalry

  • Hello,

    I just bought Chivalry in a four pack with co-workers and cannot get it to run on my work computer. It has a Nvidia 480GTX video card.
    I’ve been reading threads and trying all suggestions and nothing seems to resolve the issue.

    I launch the game, either through steam or UDK.exe, and several seconds later I receive a crash report that UDK.exe has stopped responding… send to microsoft etc. No splash screen is displayed.

    The crash occurs in nvwgf2um.dll, and the error appears to be “filename not found”
    I have uninstalled/reinstalled my video card driver (I current have beta drivers now), steam, and the game (as well as verify game cache). I have also had a co-worker zip up the entire game folder and documents folder, and it still happens.

    I’ve attached my DxDiag, and Log file (sensitive info removed).

    • Wanting a refund

  • Ok I read your launch.log and I had the same exact problem. No joke, this is what worked for me.

    Go to C:\Windows\system32\

    do a SEARCH in THAT location for nvwgf2um.dll (

    You might find a bunch a file under his name. COPY ALL OF THEM and then PASTE ALL OF THEM into C:\Windows\system32\

    just skip any “replacements”

  • THANK YOU. Wow how did you figure that out. Clearly some windows file linking got screwed up or something. DxDiag doesn’t crash anymore either.

    I got to the splash screen and it crashed again, but I recopied my co-workers folder and now it loads up.

    Thanks again.

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