MSI Afterburner / UDK.exe Runtime Error

  • So i’m curious if anyone else uses MSI Afterburner to record chivalry. I’ve done this since december of last year, and haven’t really changed anything. Recently, i began to get Runtime errors for udk.exe, but it’s only while i’m recording. Also notice about 20 fps frame drop now whereas i always got a constant 60, even on citadel while recording. Seems like i can record for about 10-15 minutes, but I always get an error. I can even start a video, and record a while then stop… keep playing but eventually my game will crash. If i do not record at all, i never crash. Like i said i haven’t changed anything with afterburner itself, and this has never happened before… so not sure what’s causing it. Checked my event log and there doesn’t seem to be any record of the crash, because udk.exe continues to run, but i can’t open it back up by clicking on it. It’s really frustrating. I can also record other games with afterburner with no issues at all… so i’m thinking it’s probably not afterburner causing it. I don’t use any overlays or anything either.

    Not sure what could be causing this so wondering if anyone else experiences this.

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