Lord of the Rings mod for Chivalry

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  • How would the classes be like for the good guys? Like a Gondor team with archer class, light class, medium class, heavy class, etc? Or would it be a team of all the races with like elves for archers, humans medium etc.? I think I would prefer each race to be their own class. Well, except for the orcs, goblins and uruk hai. They can all be in the same faction.

    How would choosing factions and classes work? Would it be like in C:MW where you can choose between two factions but four classes, or like in C:DW where you can choose six factions that also are their own classes? Or a mix of them both? I think I’d like a mix, so that we get a varied team of each race. Like one team of Rohan archers, Rohan light infantrymen, Rohan heavy infantrymen, etc. and the same with a Gondor faction, Elf faction, Easterling faction (no olifants) and so on.

    Of course we don’t need to follow any of vanilla Chivalry’s design, but since I lack the imagination to come up with better designs, I usually adapt after what we’ve got.

    Anyways, for the orcs and goblins - Goblins for archers, regular Orcs for lightly armored core infantry, Berserker for lashing out a lot of damage, and Uruk-Hai for heavy tank infantry. So they are molded from the Archer, Man-at-Arms, Vanguard, and Knight from Chivalry. Though now when I am thinking about it, I kind of want to play a goblin spearman… What about just three classes? Light, medium, heavy? And the light is most often an archer or a skirmisher, but not always? So you choose to play on the dark side, then you pick the light class - the goblin - and you can choose to use either a bow, or a spear, or a shield and sword! Light, Medium, Heavy - Goblin, Orc, Uruk-Hai.

    One thing with a mod like this is that we can’t have the classes from either faction actually be balanced the same. A goblin archer and an elven archer are not going to be the same, for example. Which actually might be cool. Orcs would have their strength in their two heavier classes, which would be restricted in numbers, while the elves would have the best archers, them too restricted in numbers. Or if you don’t want them to be restricted, come up with another solution. Longer respawn times? Some kind of vulnerability? Because otherwise everyone will play as them.

  • I am thinking of a mod similar to the way C:DW functions. Instead of samurai, spartans, ninjas, ect. it will be Mordor, Goblins, Isengard, Elves, Men, Dwarves(?). Each faction will have their pros and cons same as DW.

    For example:
    Mordor - Gets an attack bonus when near other units thus encouraging them to work in numbers.

    Elves - have high damaging ranged weapons but are terrible in melee combat.

    Humans - can be the equivalent to spartans on the battlefield, where they have large shields and good offense but only moderate health.

    Isengard - the ‘c’ chant give them a boost in attack/defense. They will be all around balanced in damage, health and armor.

    Goblins - equivalent to ninjas, they are quick, weak, and quiet.

    Dwarves - the tanks on the battlefield. Have the most defense in the game. Although, It will be weird having a short unit….or would it?

    This is how I see the game. The game modes could be similar to that of DW except add in a good vs evil game mode.

    As for weapons, each faction would have their unique ranged and melee weapons. If people wanted to be a bezerker, they would be isengard and choose the long sword but would cancel the option of having a ranged weapon. Since the elves all excel in ranged weapons, it would be a standard to have bows as your secondary.

  • This cannot be done officially because of the obvious copy right laws. AOC did have a few LOTR maps like Helms Deep and Balricks tomb. This would have to be done by a very dedicated mod team only. Just saying.

  • @wyrda78:

    Title. Discuss.

    I would love it.

    Just not going to happen.

  • Two teams like in CMW.

    Good guys:
    Knight = Dwarf
    Archer = Elf
    Vanguard = Knight of Gondor
    MaA = Hobbit

    Bad guys
    Knight = Uruk Hai
    Archer = Goblin
    Vangaurd = Orc
    MaA = Easterlings/Haradrim

    Or something like that…

  • @Retsnom:

    This cannot be done officially because of the obvious copy right laws. AOC did have a few LOTR maps like Helms Deep and Balricks tomb. This would have to be done by a very dedicated mod team only. Just saying.

    These mods would have to be done by nonprofit modders, of course. Otherwise we would have to pay royalty fees.

  • @gregcau:


    Title. Discuss.

    I would love it.

    Just not going to happen.

    It’s being done for Mount and Blade Warband (http://theveiledstars.thewolfstar.co.uk/index.php) so I don’t see why it can’t be done for chivalry. All we need is a dedicated group of modders. In fact it would be very easy to do because Chivalry is a multiplayer game, all we need is a few models and skins and UI changes.

    As for making all the different classes, that will be difficult, but I have a few ideas.
    The classes won’t attempt to be all unique, rather classes will be portrayed how they actually were.

    -Men of the West
    Clad in their recognizable plate armour, they will act as heavy infantry and will have good heavy armour but average speed. Their weapons will be the Gondor tower shield, with the spear and/or infantry sword, pike of the tower guard and a greatsword of the Knights of Dol Amroth (not canon but oh well). Their ranged weapons will be a longbow, however choosing this will limit what melee weapons you can pick.
    Customisation will be a Gondor infantryman, Tower Guard, Swan Knight, and a dismounted Rohirrim.

    -Uruk Hai
    This class will be pretty much the evil equivalent of the men of Gondor, with plate armour and average speed. They will have their own variations of most of the Men of Gondor’s weapons, such as sword and shield, pike and greatsword. They will have a crossbow as a ranged weapon.
    Customisation will be uruk infantrymen or beserker

    This class will be the best armoured, however it will also be the slowest by a fraction. They will have a good selection of equipment, both one and two handed, such as axes, hammers, swords, shields, throwing axes and pikes. They will also have a resistance to fire.

    These goblins will be the very large and strong variety. They will have decent speed and alright armour. They will have an large assortment of melee weapons, spears, shields, cleavers. They will have javelins and bows for ranged weapons.

    The Haradrim will be fast with light armour, and have a good selection of exotic weapons such as polearms and glaives, sabers, javelins, bows and shields.

    The elves will have good medium armour and good speed. They will have 3 primary weapons, a mallorn bow, a lhang two-hander sword, and a spear and shield. Their secondaries will be a long dagger, and a few other elven swords.
    Their customisation will be a either a Noldor Elf (from the beginning scene in the fellowship), Galadhrim elf (Helms Deep, the two towers) and a Ranger of Mirkwood.

  • I’m thinking a mix between the system in C:MW and C:DW.
    In MW, we have two factions and four classes that are the exact same for both sides.
    In DW, we have six factions who are their own classes.

    I’m thinking something like… Four factions with three classes each, that is, 12 somewhat unique classes.
    Now, as I am thinking it, the classes within the factions won’t be THAT unique among eachother. And you’ll see as I explain.

    The factions I’d like to see are Humans, Orkish, Elves and Dwarves. To begin with, at least. I say orkish as to include all of that race under one name, in my language we have a word to describe them - svartblod - which means ‘black bloods’.

    All these factions include a light class, a medium class and a heavy class.

    The Orkish faction would have a Goblin as the light class, an Orc as the medium class and an Uruk-Hai as the heavy class. The Human faction would have a Ranger the light class, a man of Rohan as medium class and a man of Gondor as a heavy class. I’m not that well versed with the elves and dwarves of this universe, but you get the idea I’m trying to tell you.

    Now, what class in what faction you are going to play will depend mostly on who you think are the coolest. The idea I have is that they are not so different in what kind of weapons they recieve, but more so in what kind of speed, armour and expertise they have. They are not going to be as drastically different as the classes in C:DW.

    For example, the Goblin can wield say a spear, a sword, a shield, and a bow. But so can the Orc and the Uruk-Hai, pretty much. What’s unique about the Goblin then? Well, he’s smaller than the other classes, he’s faster, more agile (if only we could have them climb the walls) and he’s the dedicated bowman.
    The Uruk-Hai also gets sword, shield and bow, but his uniqueness lies in his better armour, stronger hits and that he has two-handed options like that big chopper or a two-handed axe.
    Now you’re thinking, “what’s so special about the Orc? Sounds like the medium class is going to be rather mediocre”. Well, while the orc is not as fast as the Goblin or as strong as the Uruk, he will get more weapons than the others, like crude polearms and such. He also gets a bow if he wants, but it’s not going to be as fast as the Goblin bow or as strong as the Uruk bow. It’s going to be an… all around good bow :) A mediocre bow, haha. I’m sorry. He is rather mediocre. The medium class should probably get something nifty, but this is just the basic of my idea.

    Anyways. Same goes for humans. We have the caped Ranger, who do get a sword and an axe but is best used with a bow. The fast and agile class.
    Second, we have the man of Rohan, who for some reason is not riding a horse, and he gets sword, axe, round shield, boar spear and a horseman’s bow.
    Lastly, we have the man of Gondor. Clad in shining plate armour and a funny helmet, he can wield a sword, a mace, a spear, a big tower shield and a bow, if he wants to.

    Same things goes for the Elves and the Dwarves. The Dwarven light class will probably be slower yet more durable than the other light classes, and his heavy class will probably be the most… heavy. As for the elves, it’s the other way around. Their heavy class is squishier but quicker, and their light class is probably… the most annoying one using a bow.

  • Your idea is good, the problem is I have no idea how hard it would be to implement all these different factions and classes. I’m just thinking from a realism perspective; with my class system all that needs to be done are changes to the pre-existing classes, it would be a lot easier to implement. The class system of deadliest warrior seems like a good fit for the LotR style mod, not really worth exerting a lot of resources on something that isn’t that necessary to change.

  • Balance between the races while still keeping the Middle Earth atmosphere is probably the most tricky aspect.

    Because in Lord of the Rings balance is measured by Quality vs. Quanitity as in strategy games. Ents are extremely powerful but right on their way to extinction. Elves and dwarfes are very skilled and have very low birth rates. Men (and hobbits) are average. Orcs and Goblins multiply quickly but are indiviually weak.

    Chivalry balance works like a classical FPS: Each weapon and each class has strengths and weaknesses that are balanced against each other. But using this system would make your Elves way too squishy, your dwarves way too slow and your goblins way too strong.

    Maybe its possible to get around this by including some kind of economy system (Natural Selection and Counter Strike come to mind) - which might cause games to snowball pretty hard (only if economy depends on gameplay events). Another option are limits like 10:6:2:2:1 (Orcs:Men:Dwarfes:Elves:Trolls) but this makes teams overly reliant on the players who picked the rare classes and might limit tactical options (just look at those class-limited Chivalry servers…).

  • must make horses for Rohan

  • Maybe it is just me but I really dont see a reason for it or for some of the mods proposed that involve magic, mana, or a book/movie themed mod. Reason being that there are already professional versions as well as a ton of Mods of these type games. Then you add to the fact that the base game is so terribly buggy with little to no support that building these type of mods just dont seem worth the effort. Some of the maps might be fun to play if they were done right but that is about it.

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