Still cannot figure out how to kick/ban…

  • How in the bloody hell do you ban someone now?

    I just started playing this again since I felt the free weekend would breathe life into the game for a bit but when trolls came to the server I couldn’t ban them. I made sure I was logged in as the admin, the text confirmed it after inputing my password. And yes I know you have to do it after reach map change.

    Anyway I’d type in

    (Look for the users number on the list then type in…)
    confirm X where X is the number of the player.
    It did not work and said I need two values. X and Y as well as a reason.
    So I typed in…
    Confirm X 999999 Trolling
    Still didn’t work.

    Anyone able to enlighten me as to how to go about this?

  • Hi there,

    It’s in the updated admin console list thread located here: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=3139

    Confirmkickban 0 25000 Reason - Changed from confirmban 0. Change 0 to the number of the person, the second number to the length of the ban (in seconds) and reason to the reason for the ban (Ie. “Ban for successive trolling”)

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