I can't see any servers

  • Hey there,so I just downloaded the game.Apparently I can’t see any servers.I restarted steam and all that but it ain’t working.Rest of my buds have no problem whatsoever.Help me pretty please.Ty

  • well… this problem got noticed before… use the search option before posting dude

  • I still have no servers showing, all my mates are playing but no servers for me, any fixes yet?

  • I have the same problem, no servers ….

  • It was an odd issue for me. I redeemed the DW key, d/l’d an additional 1.9gb and started the game, and it was a different menu then what I see now, portraying one of the more spartan-esque maps. I saw no servers, I had the training available to me, and nothing I did worked to show any servers, so I just ended up deleting the game and re downloading the whole thing, and then I got the Red DW menu, Training was no longer available to me, and I could actually see servers this time. If worse comes to worse I would either verify cache and/or delete and redownload the beta.

  • Developer

    You should also ensure that you are not opted into any other beta programs or branches for the game. You can do this by right clicking on the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare beta game in your library and selecting properties. Then go to the betas tab and ensure the dropdown is set to “None-opt out of all beta programs” .

    If when you launch the game you are seeing an environment on the background of the main menu - you are not launching the correct branch of the beta and will not see any servers.

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