When will this be available for purchase on steam?

  • So I was looking into WotR, and it looked like fun, but lack of any single player and being a paradox title makes me leery of it. While I was I researching it and checking out videos, I kept hearing mention of this game. I watched a couple of videos, and it looks interesting.

    It seems a little strange that this is due for release on the 16th, yet I cannot find the game on steam. So what’s going on here? :)

  • Our steam page will be up next week most likely and you won’t be able to buy it on Steam until the game is actually released. Sorry!

    In the meantime you can buy it here:

    We have a couple choices, you can either buy it using the Humble Store , via GamersGate, or via GameStop. All three options will give you a Steam key that you will be able to activate on Steam.

  • Thank you for the info.

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