Poll: Ninjas. Nerf or Buff? (or balance?)

  • So yeah, Ninjas. First things first: the stunning eggs or w/e they are. My first impressions, being on the receiving end of this, were that it’s not very enjoyable/immersive. Imo, it’s the complete opposite of that and deserves nerfed substantially because the speed ninjas can walk makes it easy to use the stun for multiple free hits. I say they should just be completely removed and replaced with a more immersive (and different) mechanic altogether, which brings me onto my second point: Ninjas should have much more versatility. I mean, they are ninjas. They should have more of a difference to maa’s than they currently do and should not feel at all clunky when maneuvering/attacking. The following may seem a bit far fetched but I am all for allowing ninjas to be able to jump on high(ish) ledges/roofs at the cost of a large chunk of stamina and also produce a lot more sound. This allows them to live up to their name, jumping from cover to cover so as to be truly effective in terms of sneakiness. And to balance things out, their walking speed should be slightly reduced because even if they don’t roll out of the way, it’s still very hard to get a riposte on them.

    TL;DR: Remove/greatly nerf the stun eggs and give ninja’s a more special kind of maneuverability (not that we want mirror’s edge enthusiasts flying all over the place, just enable them to subtly change cover quickly and also allow them to climb high ledges when near them)

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