Deadliest warrior bugs

  • -Vikings cant feint on the first strike(can feint in a combo) with any weapon other than duel wield
    -flinch seems to be very broken in general i swear im getting flinched more in release than i am in windup
    -the majority of weapons seem to have 10-20% red tracers while the longsword alt over head seems to have 90%
    -vikings beserking speed is reset by preforming a stab
    -getting hit while reloading with a pistol or blunderbus stops u from ever being able to shoot or scope again till you die or change weapons
    -vikings stab resets fury
    -running out of stam doesn’t stagger
    -attacks passing right through people
    -ninjas can use any of there throwing weapons before a duel starts
    -gettigng hit by the ninja metsubushi occasionally puts you in the old retarded penguin T pose ( hilarity ensues but the novelty wears off after the 5th or so time)
    -if you sprint while reloading a blunderbuss your run speed gets slowed down to reload walk speed untill you change weapon
    -if 2 people accept a duel from the same person 1 of them will b permanatly stuck in the arena and not be able 2 move
    -constantly crashing between every map change 9 out of 12 people in our group experienced this every time the map changed
    -if u sprint and hold right with a poleaxe u go into retarded T penguin pose
    -not sure if this is intentional or not but running out of stam and getting hit doesnt stagger it does the old knock back even though weapons can still combo after staggering its still impossible to punish stagger with a follow up hit unless using the faster weapons
    -on the 10th attack of a combo it will start the windup take the stam but wont release, making the vikings berserk a little lack luster, it takes 5 combos to get a good speed going then u get 4 attacks before it stops prematurely on the 5th and steals ur stam.
    -if u fall into the water in a team lts the orange skull will still show the location of your corpse
    -yari spear is massivly op
    -spartan sheild slam is allmost impossible to parry
    -pocket sand is bullshit
    -Feints are playing the grunting sound
    -the spawns are fucked some times you spawn in the middle of the entire other team

    -more to come as i noticed them

    -feel free to add to the list

  • I wonder if we should report Chivalry bugs, that are still present in DW? Just a tiny example: The mouse sensitivity slider.

    And a new subforum would make sense wouldn’t it?

  • A uncommon bug I noticed was on acropolis ? think thats the name of it, the greek one with all the pillars and temples???

    anyhow, friend and i were playing, was a 6 team death match, we chose samurai, and it kept moving him off to vikings and spartans everytime he died.

    after probably 5 or so swap backs to samurai, he spawned as a viking on the samurai team.

    needless to say, people were really raging at him killing the vikings lol.

    so just a quick funny bug :p

    also the stab doesn’t seem to hit much in the face when a ninja blocks with claws, (nodachi user) i dunno why but it wasn’t parried and it just does no damage xD

    oh and parrying a spear near a wall seems will often result in you blocking it (sound and knockback of the weapon) but taking reduced damage (don’t think its intended?)

    their just a few that were a bit random…… lol

  • @fvonb:

    I wonder if we should report Chivalry bugs, that are still present in DW? Just a tiny example: The mouse sensitivity slider.

    And a new subforum would make sense wouldn’t it?

    My fucking god that sensitivity slider bug living hell out of me I have no idea how that wasn’t a DAY 1 FIX.

    I’ve also experienced all of those bugs in the OP.
    I also agree that the combat favors defensive play way too much in a 1 versus 1 scenario.
    Though, in the chaos of teamplay it seems frequent manic attacks suffice because the new attack animations are poorly done and there seems to be a large amount of desync even in low latency servers.

  • Here’s a list of the various bugs I’ve encountered while playing the pirate.

    1: You can only heal with your battle cry when you have your primary weapon equipped, also when you do a battle cry with fists equipped you still get drunk even though the animation doesn’t show you drinking.

    2: If you switch weapons while drinking the bottle stays in your hand for a few seconds.

    3: Very rarely you are unable regenerate more than half of your health unless you drink, this only happened once or twice to me.

    4: When you’re drunk you can see part of the main menu appear.

    5: Sometimes when you die your coat changes colour, for me it went from red to orange.

    Also there’s a bug that seems to affect all classes, sometimes your stamina will just completely drain for no apparent reason and won’t regenerate.

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