Knight accessory customisation suggestions.

  • At the moment the knight doesn’t have any accessories he can add or take away. Probably becuase he already laden with stuff.

    1. Ability to remove the shoulder plates.
    Yes why not. People might want to look a bit more like a Templar. Also the samurai can do it.

    2. Ability to remove the chain over his shoulders to reveal the full surcoat.
    Keep the whole coif just make it so it only covers his head and neck. People want to see that surcoat but you covered the top of it with chainmail.

    3. Something to put on his belt. Or a different belt.

    The knight already has do much stuff on him. All you can really do is remove things. But hey people anted to look lie a Templar and the helmet for it is already in the game.

  • Add King’s armour type from stock chivalry. Both Malric and Theodren from Citadel/Stonehill have different armours. Would be nice to have extra armour options, and… it’s already made, and in the game! Just port and GG!

  • agreed would like some of the king’s options etc, makes them stand out a bit more (personally i don’t like them wearing the archer helms as a customization)

    but yeah as you said models etc are already there so they could port them over, would also be nice to add / remove some of the armour / to show more of a tunic and chainmail rather than plate? or full plate and full use of the emblems over it and shoulders etc?

    same really as chivalry does, making use of the armour to show off your house’s emblem etc / clans emblem :)

  • King armor as reward for x rank or x position in leaderboard.

  • I was catering for those who wanted to look like a Templar.

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