Very Weird Bug

  • Hey guys. I was playing DW earlier today. I got off and tried launching the Beta again to play it. However when I tried launching the Beta, a window came up with the screen that said the beta was updating. I let it update for a while, but when I checked on it, it had been stuck at 0% and it wasn’t even trying to load anything. I checked in Steam and saw in my Library that nothing was downloading. So I canceled the beta updating window. After I canceled the fake update, the entire Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta was completely uninstalled. Gone.

    May I ask what the fuck happened?

  • Developer

    You might get some idea if you look at the Steam logs. e.g., at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs

    IIRC, content_log.txt is the one that usually has download information and error messages.

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