Quick first DW feedback

  • Hints on objective

    So in my haste to play I didn’t see which game mode I chose but I guess it was LTS. Icons above heads suggest which players to kill. Obvious for enemies but not clear for friends. Someone told me it was same class versus other classes. But today I don’t see icons so maybe it was something turned off.

    Stamina/Health bar

    Far too big, goes against the subtle usability that was a great feature of CMW


    While I like the movement speed parrying does not feel as easy to block as CMW. A few times I am thinking I should have parried when I didn’t. It almost feels like I have to parry too early. Maybe lag but I doubt it.


    I could not understand why my secondary was not coming up for samurai as an example. Someone told me my secondary was same as main. Certainly not intuitive to have to choose that ahead of time. Create sensible defaults for secondary. Note the keybinds say there is a tertiary but it does not appear so.


    20 minutes is a bit long


    I miss CMW changing class after respawning


    Well who cares. Certainly never release the spreadsheet because it is fun figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of each class.


    I won’t bother making a list now, obvious things like the icon for kills but I’ll wait for the next update.


    Early days yet. Overall it is fun but as I have said many times I really miss and want TO mode. For now though there is plenty to occupy people as they figure out each class and each weapon. I repeat, never release the actual values as it will reduce the fun and create the whole 0.1 adjustment postings.

    I like some of the new features like team based FFA and secondaries that fire pressing two without having to switch back and forth (CMW could do with that).

  • Markers on heads is only in LTS.

    In the alpha instead of it saying red team, green team etc it actually said the name of the warrior which would eliminate all confusion unless you were blind. Markers help.

    Markers above enemy heads appear when there’s 1 minute left.

    Combat is sped up. Probably why you think you have to parry early. I don’t try to parry much with 250 ping.

    Yep sometimes by default the secondary is the same as main by default so you can’t switch. Something they should improve on.

    Balance is sorta hard to tell. In the multi team modes the team with the most players wins. And there’s no auto. Early days.

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