CTF/Obj Focus, and Game Mode Communication

  • So, we’ve confirmed TO won’t be coming to C:DW. That puts a real damper on the enthusiasm of those who like public, objective-oriented play. However, TO isn’t the only game mode that appeals to that sort of gamer: there’s also the venerable Capture The Flag.

    We already have Plant the Flag. We already have Hog the Flag. However, we can do more than that. Classic Capture the Flag is the obvious candidate, already featured in Chivalry. I feel this ought to make an appearance, or at the very least a “Dual Plant The Flag” in which each team has the opposing team’s flag at their base to plant.

    But it can go even further. Notice how TDM and LTS currently have multi-team, class vs. class, and free class modes. Why not apply those to the Flag modes? In particular, free class CTF/PTF/DPTF/HTF and class vs. class variations of the above. Multi-team variations could even happen, though this would take quite a dedicated mapping effort. Though I don’t think a 2v2v2 variant would be out of the question! Imagine Vikings and Knights taking on Spartans and Pirates as well as Spartans and Ninjas and Samurai. 3v3 is even possible.

    There’s just one problem with all of this. How exactly do we communicate this in terms of game mode names and icons? This is a pretty big dev issue, and one that might hold back what, in my opinion, would keep DW from being a dull TDM/LTS affair that I know for certain my own friends wouldn’t bother picking up. So I feel it’s worth solving.

    Less is more: I think we should go with a simple, direct naming convention in the form of numbers and acronyms: a game mode would be designated by What It Is: 3v3 CTF, 2v2v2 PTF, 1v1 HTF, All CTF (meaning “all classes”) and so on. Alternatively, they can be called “3 class CTF”, but this is longer.

    For all I know, the functionality for 1v1/All class variations of PTF and HTF already exists. However, I still think that Flag/Objective modes need a bigger emphasis, if it’s not too late.

    Thoughts? :D

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