I hate my job…

  • Even though it’s a good job that pays well and helps me through the EU crisis. Seriously screw my job. I was playing DW in Last Team Standnig mode this morning powning a ninja with my crossbow. he was fleeing for me and my other knight ally. I shot him mid-roll. It felt great.

    Then apparently the Spartan team was still 4+ survivors and stormed us while screaming some war cries. We died. I wrote SPARTAN OP and quit. people might have thought I was serious and ragequit.

    I did not rage quit. I work-quit. FML. now I’m stuck here for the coming hours…

  • You have a job.

    It’s called being the best Chivalry player you could possibly be. :P

    I agree this game is lots of fun. It’d be nice to get paid to play this however life is not that nice to us. :(

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